Going Full Gunter – Part 2 Loving the Movies

I promised you more updates with how to become a Gunter and here is a great, or maybe not so great list of film for you to get through in these cold winter months. The list is anything but complete God Knows there is something I missed and honestly you do not need to watch all of these to enjoy Ready Player One, hell there are even some on this list I have not seen and 2 I had never heard of until I read the book. This list is just a guide to give you a glimpse into the world that the film will hopefully bring us and even if not all these films are award winning master pieces the majority are still fun, except 2 which I can 100% say I am not a fan of, if you can guess which 2 then I will send you some candy. As for why I have selected these films, well some are important to the plot, others just minor references, I will not say which one is which simply that your going to need to look for yourselves.

Blade Runner

War Games

Monty Python The Knights of the Holy Grail


Star Wars – Original Trilogy

The Ewoks Films


Back to The Future

The Iron Giant

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla


Rocky Horror Picture Show



The Beastmaster

Hawk the Slayer


Say Anything…

Heavy Metal

Fantastic Voyage

Indiana Jones

The Matrix

The Last Starfighter

The Last Dragon

The Breakfast Club

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