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The only response needed to Logan Paul and a personal message to his fanbase

I am somewhat proud of this web site, I know we are small and fairly independent but we do what we can. I usually try and avoid hot button issues because well I generally feel that my experiences can often fall of short of what is needed. Its for this reason that I did not bother talking about the Logan Paul incident as lets face it, I am not Japanese nor a huge Youtuber, I am just me, the little guy, so who cares. If asked about it my opinion is simple, the video was a dumb idea and the whole situation could have been handled better. Going to a famous suicide spot and finding a dead body then filming it is poor taste. There will always people obsessed with dark and disturbing places, so going there is not the issue, but the filming it, editing it then posting it, that’s where I take issue. One might argue had he just made a video about the incident and shown nothing people may have called him a liar, so I can see pride being the reasoning for posting it. Still I feel that this was a dumb idea and one better left unsaid.

Of course there has been a lot of reactions from celebrities and fans alike

I do love Aaron Paul and cannot disagree with the sentiment, but I feel that the people calling for Logan Paul to be shot in the head are going to far. Come on guys is this really the correct response,?

If you dear reader want a smart, correct and measured response then there is no better option than that of Youtuber Reina Scully. She addresses the nature of not just Paul’s infamous video but also the tone of his other Japanese Vlogs. Showing her distaste for his attitude towards her country.

As she is Japanese and someone who has lived in America she has a very unique and some what personal perspective on the issue. A lot of people have blasted her as racist for making this a race issue. Perhaps its more of a cultural issue. In no way am I ever going to defend Logan Paul but this to me is a mixture of ignorance and cultural ignorance, both willful and both easily avoidable. In the end Reina says a lot of hard truths about issues that people from the majority race or culture in their society may not understand. Its these hard truth that lead me to my next point, Logans Fans.

For the most part Logan’s fan base has stuck by him, hell he has actually gained fans from this stunt. If you are a fan you are allowed to support and forgive him for this, I wont insult you or hate you for that. If your just supporting him, then this next bit is not for you, Its for the other fans, the idiots.

Who are the idiots you ask?

Well boys and girls, the idiots are the racists and morons out there that decided to comment on Reina’s video with their utterly useless opinions.

Now your probably asking yourselves, David how do you know their opinions are useless?

Well chum’s when you leave comments like this, you know opinion is useless:

  • No one cares about your country
  • No one gives a shit what you or your virgin beta weeb country thinks LOGANG FOR LIFE
  • I hate you
  • “Ching Chang Chung. Shut the fuck up you suicide faggots. Let the japs kill themselves … LOGANG for LIFE.”
  • “You bitch you don’t have the right to talk about him, you fucking peaces of shit you are just using his name for clickbait fuck you bitch.”
  • He didnt mean to find a dead body u Chinese shit

Now time for the tough talk. See if you watched her video and any of these thoughts came to you, ask yourself why?

And ask yourself would I ever have the guts to say any of this to someone in person who could kick my ass?

I am a fairly out spoken guy yet online I tend to keep my mouth shut because I do not see the purpose in trying to prove a false bravado. So you little keyboard brutes I am going to be honest and give you some advice, stop being pathetic, someone got offended because their culture was insulted, that’s not reason to spout off racist remarks, or general hate, I do not know what country your from but what makes yours so much better than theirs, give me 5 reasons, I dare ya..

LOGANG if you are really Logans fan I have nothing against you, but if you think being a racist behind a keyboard is the only way to get your message across then sadly the rest of the intelligent world will see any argument you have as invalid. So quit the racism and stick to your own camp.


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