Going Full Gunter – Part 1 Reading Ready Player 1

If you have not read the book I am fairly certain you saw the epic trailer that came out at SDCC 2017. Who wasn’t blown away by how visually astounding the film looks to be?

It got me thinking what do I need to do to become a true Gunter?

Just to explain to those not fully informed the main characters from Ready Player One are all Gunters, Gunter, the portmanteau of “Egg Hunter”, is a user of The Oasis, the virtual world Ready Player One is set in. The Gunter’s are the driving force of the film, they are on an epic quest to obtain the ultimate gaming Easter Egg,  complete control over the world of The Oasis, virtually and finacially.

In the book the Gunter’s become obsessed with everything that the Oasis creator James Donovan Halliday (1972-2039) loved, from Dungeons and Dragons to 80’s classics, video games and books, they create an entire life style around Halliday and delve into his blog posts and lore so enthusiastically that many forget about the real world, finding more solace in the virtual dreamscape they so enjoy. By the beginning of the story there are millions of Solo Players, hundreds of clans and even one mega corporation all chasing after Halliday’s Egg and all this changes when our intrepid hero manages to get ahead of the pack setting off a chain reaction that will change his world forever.

Honestly I put off reading this book for too long but in the period of about 3 days I started and reluctantly finished it. This book is a real treasure trove of nerd life. If you have ever considered yourself a dork or a nerd this is the book for you. Its just a sheer delight to read and one of the most important books culturally of the 21st century. It does thus because it draws from so many sources of pop culture. Honestly this is one of my all time favourite books of all time, especially since I’ve already read it multiple times. So as  a fan I have decided in the next few months I am going to complete as many Gunter tasks as possible so if you have not read the book you may need to avoid these because there is going to be spoilers ahoy. Wish me luck folks !

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