Who is the Pikachu that Ryan Reyonalds will be playing

This is just mind blowing, the fact that the guy from Deadpool (and Two Guys and a Girl) will be playing Detective Pikachu, what the serious hell. I am pretty sure the majority of you dear readers are familiar with Pikachu. But not as many will be familiar “Detective Pikachu”. Meitantei Pikachū: Shin Konbi Tanjō, known as Great Detective Pikachu outside of Japan is a game where a young boy must team up with an unusually intelligent Pikachu to solve some diabolical crimes. In the film Ryan Reynolds who is playing said Pikachu will be helping a young boy played by Justice Smith find his missing father. Unlike the average Pikachu this one has no special moves so you wont see any lightning attacks, but with Ryan Reynolds in the role, this is due to be a fun movie.


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