Playstation’s Latest Title Does Not Encourage Child abuse

What I am about to write is a complete waste of my time, because the people that need to read this wont read it. Yesterday the Mail Online took a moral stance against Detroit: Become Human. Just to remind you who they are, The Mail Online are the paper that until very recently employed the human garbage that is Katie Hopkins, you know the “journalist” who talked about a final solution for Muslims, who spouts Nationalist rhetoric like its going out of style and of course who is an elitist snob (also on a lighter note someone who considers dancing effeminate). Now Katie Hopkins has nothing to do with this story but the fact that the Mail Online allowed her behavior then targets a video game that they themselves have never even played is just ridiculous. You can not call a video game repulsive while your own paper justifys hate articles.

Now to get to the game in question, below is the picture they posted:

I should put all this into context. The pictures do not lie, these images are all actuate but they also do not show the whole truth, just watch this video below.

Now as you can see the video is actually very shocking and quite disturbing, but it is also one third of a larger story. The game is set in the not to distant future where we have created Androids and they work and serve us in a variety of ways, throughout the game you play as three different characters, all of whom can die and the game will move on. The Characters are Markus  an android who takes it upon himself to free others like him from bondage, Connor an advanced police model android and Kara the Android Maid who has caused such controversy. The Mail Online would you have you think that this game is about watching a man beat a child, but no this is incorrect. The game is to give us a social commentary on where A.I is heading and how we perceive our place in the grand scheme of things. (the video below shows this aspect of the story)

The second theme is that of choice. You can rewind and redo choices in the game. More importantly you can simply choose not to take action. The game makes us think of our actions and makes us make careful and hopefully logical choices. This game is not designed to glorify child abuse, in fact it puts you in a limited area where your actively trying to stop it, but if you take action in the wrong place it will have catastrophic consequences. Not just that but if you the player choose to do nothing then the child will die, sure you might be ok and not bothered but the child will still suffer, isn’t that a valuable lesson to take?

You can say that child abuse is not entertainment and God knows that I agree, but these stories need told so that people are aware they happen. We all know this happens in real life but many of us choose to ignore it and put it to the back of our heads. That is why critically acclaimed  films like Precious, Spotlight and Sleepers are necessary, because they make us take a hard look at our society and only by doing that can we start to see the cracks and hypocrisy. So I ask you, if these movies are ok, why is this game not? 

Maybe the writers of this article assume that this game is meant to be fun, like its some sort of zombie killer, little boy racer game, no this game is supposed to be challenging in its style and its substance. So on behalf of my subculture I feel it worth reminding you all that for a website who thinks its perfectly fine to post nude photos of Jodie Whitaker, the first female Doctor, to think it can criticize a game its never played is ridiculous ! So to this articles writers  SANCHEZ MANNING and SIMON MURPHY, stay out of things you don’t understand and let the grownups who choose to avoid fear mongering do their work !


If you do want to take an active stance against Child Abuse please go the NSPCC page and donate .


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