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Boom! Box presents: Slam the Next Jam #1

Part 1 of the follow up series to the excellent Slam is already shaping up to be quite a read. Our series picks up a year after the orignal began with. After breaking one of the biggest rules in derby (not to mention an actual collarbone), Knockout and CanCan have a lot of work to do to rehabilitate their bodies and improve their standings in the league. Like its precursor Slam, this series is still the sweet if not sometimes salty slice of life that we the readers came to love. This is the comic book for people who do not want to read about Superheroes and the book for someone that is bored of the male perspective. Not only that but the book is filled with gorgeous, vivid and colourful art work whose style is utterly unique to this series.

Even if you are not part of the Derby scene I guarantee you that this is a book that will draw you in with its deep yet lighthearted story telling. Boom are really onto a winner this series and I honestly cannot wait to read it all.

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