Big trouble in McDonalds over the weekend

Honestly I think Rick Sanchez would be proud that he caused so much chaos to McDonalds, especially since they took away his Szechuan sauce. Just in case you have never heard of Rick and Morty and are wondering how this ties in with McDonald’s well. Back at the beginning of Rick and Morty’s third season they had a gag that revolved around the special promotional Szechuan dipping sauce that McDonald’s released for the film Mulan. Ever since then the Fan’s have wanted this sauce, hell even McDonalds got in on the joke and in July they send the Rick and Morty team a sample of the sauce with a hilarious letter to boot.

So this McDonald’s PR stunt to bring back a rare dipping sauce left thousands of fans wanting with police called to some US locations on Saturday. I cant blame people for being upset but the fact that McDonald’s had to call police to some stores seems like this may have gone to far. In the video above you can actually here the fans chanting we want sauce. Many fans took to social media to protest and show their outrage. Honestly this is the most bonkers news story I have actually heard this year.

It was an interesting promotion and sucks it only lasted a day but its nice that McDonald’s listened to its customers on this one weird specific request. For all you other die hard fans who want some sauce you can try the recipes in the video below.

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