Nerd Bites

What girls like nerd stuff too?

I am a huge fan of the BBC, maybe I am naive but I find when they cover the news it tends to be closer to the middle than some sources. They don’t tend to dumb things down and to the best of my limited knowledge avoid being fake news, it’s a point of pride to be British because of the BBC, but I when came across their entertainment and arts section I was a little disappointed to see an article talking about the women at this weekends London Comic-con where it opens with the lines :

Scratch below the surface at Comic-Con and you might be surprised to find thousands of young women who go because they find it empowering. It might have a reputation for attracting nerds and geeks.

I find this very insulting, women have been a part of nerd culture for a long time, probably since the beginning and yes they were the minority for a long time but walk around any major comic book convention and you will see that girls can be nerds too. Being a nerd is not just for boys you know and not all male nerds are overweight shut ins who are afraid to go out, we come in all shapes and sizes, gamer’s can be girls, there is a whole sub section of nerds dedicated to being male including My Little Pony fans and the science fiction genre has given us some of the strongest female characters in fiction.

Princess Leia, Ripley, Captain Jainway, Mulan, Gamora, Hermione, Nyota Uhura, X-23 and Sombra have shown us that there are plenty of girls for women to look up to in fiction and they all come in all different shades and sizes.  Does it not make sense that women would have gravitated towards nerdom too? Who doesn’t want to be as badass like Ripley or as smart as Hermione?

I feel at this point I should mention for all my own contributions to this website it would be for nothing without my other contributors, who have all been women, yes this website is primarily run by women.

Nerdom is a lot bigger than people realize so do not make the mistake of thinking it’s for boys only. Yes we have issues in this community what with Gamergate, online abuse of women and of course inappropriate touching of women in cosplay at conventions, but if the majority of us men and women make the conscious decision to not stand for this crap then we can really show how the nerd life can be for every and any one.

Also it’s been pointed out to me that since most leading men are being quoted as bae, Thor, young Kirk, the current Superman etc there is definitely a lot of man candy for the heterosexual nerd girl to appreciate.

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