10 Shows to Watch in Summer 2017

The fall TV season tends to be the most popular and thrilling time for shows, probably because of the sheer amount of series premiering and returning. That doesn’t mean summer doesn’t have a lot to offer though. This year, there are some highly anticipated veteran series coming back, as well as some very interesting debuting shows. With a diverse range of genres from different networks and streaming services, summer 2017 is set to be very exciting for us viewers.

  1. Game of Thrones Season 7 (HBO)

Perhaps the most talked about show on television, the only downside to Game of Thrones is how few episodes we get each year, making the wait between seasons seem even longer. Thankfully, GoT will be back in July for its penultimate season. Early trailers show the usual mix of death, despair and dragons AKA everything we love about the series, proving that season 7 will certainly be worth the wait.

Premiere Date: July 16th

  1. Midnight, Texas (NBC)

If like me, you have a True Blood sized hole in your heart, then this might be the show for you. Based on the trilogy from Charlaine Harris, Midnight, Texas promises to bring a variety of supernatural creatures and thrilling drama to the table. The trailer showed a lot of potential, and with a strong cast and creative team, this new series could be a summer hit.

Premiere Date: July 24th

  1. Marvel’s The Defenders (Netflix)

Uniting 4 amazing superheroes from 4 very successful shows is a sure-fire way to get everyone’s attention and drum up massive amounts of excitement. And having Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist on our screens all together is a recipe for a winning show. Netflix has already proven that it can make great Marvel programming with their individual series, but the stories they can tell with The Defenders have the potential to be even better.

Premiere Date: August 18th

  1. Will (TNT)

Historical dramas can be very hit or miss, but with a subject as fascinating as William Shakespeare and a brilliant trailer, Will looks like it could fall on the side of hit. It has danger, romance, intrigue: all the possible things you could want in a period piece. Plus, judging from the promo, I’m ready to give a ton of awards to the costume designer.

Premiere Date: July 10th

  1. Glow (Netflix)

With all the medical dramas, police procedurals and superhero shows, it can be refreshing to find a show that’s truly original. If you’re looking to watch something that’s different, Glow should be your summer series. It’s a dramedy that follows a struggling actress who becomes a wrestler. I was pretty hooked on the concept alone, but after finding out Alison Brie was in the lead, I was completely sold. Plus, it has had rave reviews and has a 97% Rotten Tomato score, so you know it’s going to be good.

Premiere Date: Available to stream now

  1. The Strain final season (FX)

It’s always nice when a show gets the chance to wrap up its story properly, and with an announcement of The Strain’s final season last year, it looks like it will have the opportunity to do that. Though I’m sad to see it end, I can’t wait to see what brilliant episodes this concluding season will bring.

Premiere Date: July 16th

  1. Salvation (CBS)

The stakes couldn’t be any higher in this new suspenseful drama. There is an asteroid headed for Earth and a group of talented characters (and cast) must stop it. It sounds like a big budget movie so it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out as a television show. There will be more time to invest in the story and to get to know the characters, which is never a bad thing. And the trailer looks great, which makes Salvation a top-priority watch this summer.

Premiere Date: July 12th

  1. Mr Mercedes (Audience)

I am all for a Stephen King television adaptation. I am even more all for one with a cast that includes Brendan Gleeson, Harry Treadaway and Holland Taylor. This high calibre cast will come in handy as the producers have stressed how much the show is a character driven piece. The sneak peek video suggests that the show will be very dark and gripping, thankfully staying true to the source material, which is exactly what you’d hope and expect.

Premiere Date: August 9th

  1. DuckTales (Disney XD)

There’s always a bit of a groan when I hear the word reboot. Is it necessary? Is it going to stay true to the original? Is it going to be any good? Thankfully, judging by the trailer, the answer to these questions is yes. Perhaps that’s because when Disney does something, they make sure they do it right. One of the biggest draws is the incredible cast of voice actors they’ve hired, which includes David Tennant, Danny Pudi and Kate Micucci. But let’s face it, we’re all really tuning in to cure our nostalgia and watch the completely loveable Donald Duck and family.

Premiere Date: August 12th with further episodes coming in September.

10.Rick and Morty Season 3 (Adult Swim)

This is a controversial entry on the list as no premiere date has been confirmed but the show’s Twitter account stated that viewers can expect more episodes this summer. Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon like to take their time with their show, making fans wait over a year, but it seems to be because they want to give the best quality possible. The first episode, which dropped in April, is proof of this. It was everything I hoped for and more, and got rave reviews. Hopefully, the rest of season 3 will follow suit.

Premiere Date: 30th July 2017

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