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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink #5 (OF 6) Comic Book Review

Go Go Pink Ranger, once again the bratty little kid that lives inside my head and thinks girls are gross is totally shocked at how awesome this series has been. I’m kind of sad that it’s coming to an end but seriously what an end. The Heroes goal is finally in sight and old enemies are proving to be valuable allies. Kimberly is even proving herself to be a capable leader, rallying her forces in a desperate bid to defeat the Typhos and his Frankenstein of a Zord. Not only does Kim have her new team she also gets some of the more outdated Power Rangers to help her in this epic battle.


In many ways this is a love letter to the original fans. It gives us closure on these characters and gives us one last hurrah. After all these years I am stunned to find that I still care but In a weird way I do. Power Rangers for me takes me back to a much earlier time in my life, before things ever had time to get bad. Brenden Fletcher, Kelly Thompson and Tini Howard have crafted a wonderful tale that I am proud to call one of this year’s most original stories and also this is how you write a sequel. It reminds you of why you loved the original while allowing growth for all involved. With the new film on its way out, this is a series worth picking up.


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