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Doom Patrol #2 Comic Book Review


Second issue down and the Doom Patrol is turning into an alluring mystery that really enjoys throwing me curve balls I never quite know where I stand with this comic book series. It’s quite the thrill ride that really keeps you, the fan, guessing. This series forces its lead character through some of the most bizarre and absurd of situations and as she reacts we the reader are forced to endure the insanity of her world. For every question Gerard Way answers he throws four more in its place leaving us bewildered and wanting more. Like a junkie in need of their next fix but unable to explain why with every turn of the page Mr Way has proven that he was the perfect choice for this series again and again . It’s an cacophony of craziness that sucks you in and entertains you with an electrifying mix of ecstasy, action and intrigue. The Doom Patrol are slowly coming together with Negative Man, Robot Man, Nile’s, Danny and our mysterious EMT are all on course heading towards a destiny that only the writer knows. We the reader just need to sit back and process the goings on off these heroes and their respective challenges that their world throws at them for soon we shall have their whole universe opened to us and we will see the bigger picture and it will make enough sense that the genius of this book series will truly be appreciated while leaving just a tad to our imagination which makes it all the more inspirational.



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