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Shade the Changing Girl #1 Comic Book Review


As comics go this is; absurdly fucking brilliant,Gonzo, disturbed, artistic, Warhol like and utterly unique in the mainstream. I could tell you so much but i’d rather not. This issue was a challenge to get through, considering that it uses the plot device of the madness vest to help define itself, yes there is something in the issue simply identified as the madness vest and believe me it is well named. As a a reader you never are quite sure at what is going on,is it down or left? and the colours and panels are constantly in flow, i would love to see this series in a semi animated form as two dimensional is so limiting. Though the art speaks for itself and the issue is as free as it can be, it breaks the limitations of its own format and causes the only identifiable limitation to be your own mind. Though for simple folk like myself it brings it all together in the end and helps set up a wonderful story of insanity, betrayal and the meta. This is going to be a genre defining comic book series and I really cannot wait to read more.

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