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Trinity #1 Comic Book Review


I did not know what to expect with this issue and I will be the first to admit it when I saw the cover and realized it was a story about DC’s big three I did roll my eyes a little but in the end I really fell for this issue. If you’re expecting a post apocalyptic battle where the fate of the Earth rests on the shoulders of these brave heroes, then this is not the comic book series for you, instead we are given this quite beautiful short story about love, loss and life. We see how people go on and what we can go on to do. They even use an obscure old Batman story where he is wearing ridiculously coloured outfits to show this. This issue shows three of DC’s heroes struggling with all too human emotions and its really beautifully done and it is setting us up for one hell of a story. So if you’re a fan of the Batman, Superman and Wonder Women then this is the comic book series  for you. It’s not what I was expecting but from start to finish and I couldn’t stop reading it. I really am looking forward to the next issue when it comes out.


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