Interview with Simple Booth which brings the real photo experience to the iPad


Photo booths are all the rage right now but they are ridiculously expensive however Simple Booth could be an alternative option or at least the closest affordable booth that is similar to what professional photographers use . It may not be as cheap but it’s small, permanent, easy to set up and you can take it with you anywhere so it would be great for parties, fundraising or promotional events in retail stores. Plus at the end of the day you get to keep the photo booth equipment rather than having to give it back after paying thousands of dollars to rent it.


During the Web Summit earlier this month we had the opportunity to speak to Jeremy and Alex from Simple Booth about their app.


What is Simple Booth?

Simple Booth is a brandable, customisable mobile app for users to take photos at events, promotional and retail settings. They can then view their photos through an online platform and even share them on their phone.

Where did you get the idea for it?

We where in the event industry for a long time and photo booths have started to become very trendy and after we brought some to an event we noticed they where heavy, clunky and difficult to set up. They are not user friendly and we wanted to make it more of an enhanced user experience for the users so they could get more involved and give them something they could share online.

How much does the set up cost?

The whole set up for the basic hardware and software is $4200 and we have a more enhanced version too.

For anyone interested where can they purchase Simple Booth?

We have a few mobile phone apps and an event version as well, its only $60. RiverBed used it at the Web Summit 2015.


Simple Booth is available to download on either the iPhone or the iPad. For more information you, to download the app and to order Simple Booth you can visit their official website by clicking here. Don’t forget you can try their iPhone app for free to make fun photo layouts or GIFs on the go!

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