Interview with Pop Up Gigs at Web Summit 2015


Have you ever found yourself in a new city looking for something to do but you’re not sure about how to go about it? Or maybe you’re a venue looking to attract new customers then Pop Up Gigs may be the app for you. At the 2015 Web Summit earlier this month, we had the chance to interview Tolsa Harrison about his Pop Up Gigs mobile app.


What is the Pop Up Gigs app?

The mobile app is called Pop Up Gigs, it’s a platform where venues all around the world can advertise and sell their tickets to buyers all around the world. It’s essentially a universal tool.

So hypothetically if you where in Barcelona and you wanted to see a gig could you just log into this app and find a local gig to see?

In theory yes as that is the long term goal, we are currently only active in Australia however we are definitely looking to open up to the global market and cater to venues all around the world.


Basically it lets people who are travelling to get an authentic feel for a city and see some of its local flavour and art by going to smaller locations off the beaten trail instead of the bigger famous venues?

Exactly our platform is really catered to helping emerging artists and grass roots publicity by tapping into the large audiences using our universal platform. It helps artists break into a very tough industry.

How do the fees work out using this app?

The platform is free to artists. It’s the venues who are the customers that help the venues recoup their funds and pay their acts.
My final question is what is your top 5 gigs?

  1. Sticky Fingers
  2. Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  3. Bonjo
  4. U2 Ireland
  5. Foo Fighters

The Pop Up Gigs app is available for download through the App Store and Google Play by visiting their official website by clicking here.

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