DisneyLife-Disney’s version of Netflix is coming soon


Disney recently announced their newest venture DisneyLife, a £9.99 per month subscription video, music, and book service that will include Pixar’s entire catalog and Disney’s classic films. Beyond films, DisneyLife will feature thousands of Disney TV episodes, plus hundreds of books and albums, with new content being added as it’s released. Yes, parents can now expect to sit through hours of torture, I mean Hannah Montana with their kids. On saying that I wouldn’t mind watching Inside Out or other great Disney films including The Lion King, Toy Story, Mulan, Tangled, Aristocats and many more on repeat.


The multilingual service will launch November in the United Kingdom, and is planned for a 2016 rollout across France, Spain, Italy and Germany. The subscription content can also be made available for viewing offline. Like Amazon Prime, subscribers can watch their films and TV shows on the go which is a great way to entertain the kids on family outings.


While a U.S. launch has not been ruled out by the company, it’s not imminent, as existing contracts limit what can be offered in Disney’s largest market. As one example, Disney’s upcoming theatrical releases will hit Netflix under previously announced deals for the United States and Canada. According to the report, Marvel movies and Star Wars movies will not be a part of DisneyLife, but could be launched as separate subscription service. Although this whole issue could be resolved if Disney bought Netflix but then again should the Mickey Mouse power house own and have that much power in the film and TV industry especially since they already own Marvel, Lucas Arts (Star Wars and Indiana Jones) and Pixar?


Basically Disney has found another way to take more money from our pockets. I along with many others are going to be broke soon, they’ve already take our money for many things including film tickets, park tickets and merchandise. Disney is an ingenious money making powerhouse and we fall for it hook, line and sinker every single time.


You can find out more about Pixar by clicking here for our interview with James Ford Murphy, head of animation at Pixar Animation Studios, about his short animated film Lava. Lava was featured as the short film before the main feature Inside Out was shown at cinemas.

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