J.J.Abrams Continues to tease us with more of Star Wars:The Force Awakens

In probably one of cinemas biggest tease we got treated to not one, not two, not three but four little teasers all in one day to entice us for the main dish that is the latest trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Just like the hungry fans we are, we lapped it all up but seriously you think we would be mad at this but God no, people are loving it. Let’s face it there are people out there who have been waiting their entire lives for this. Just to clarify what I am saying is there are people who have been waiting their entire lives to see what happens next. Maybe that was the problem with the prequels, who really cared how Luke and co got to where they ended up, I think we wanted to know where they where going. What’s pretty ballsy about these new films is they show one painful truth, wars are not won in single battles even with the Emperor dead, his Empire lived on. This can be seen in many modern wars, look at the middle east in Iraq and Afghanistan wars where won there but the battles still rage on in one form or another. So in many ways this film is quite relevant to the modern world we live in.

After the teasers dropped we where given one almost forgotten early Christmas present from the team behind Star Wars…


A few things I should mention about this official poster –

  • Where the hell is Luke?
  • Umm that’s no moon but appears to be a Death Star.
  • It appears that our main protagonist is female, which is a good change of pace.
  • The New Order looks pretty terrifying.
  • I want a light saber, new or old, I don’t care.
  • God I missed the Millennium Falcon.
  • It’s nice to see Han, Lea, Chewiew, CSPO and R2D2 back again.

So yeah this poster does show a lot but I do want more oh and I got more…

OMFG! That trailer was awesome, it really did send a few chills up my spine. This is down to John William’s fantastic score, it really can’t be replaced and was just used at the right time to give you that little tingle that brought back all those good memories of Star Wars.

Our opening shot is of the mysterious Rey (Daisy Ridley) living with her droid companion on the desert world Jaku. We still don’t know much about her but her costume reminds me somewhat of the Tuskan and also Leia’s disguise from return of the Jedi, but then again maybe it’s just practical for the desert environments but who am I to judge.




Next we see John Boyega’s character Finn. We learn a bit more from this scene like we find out that the crashed Tie Fighter in the previous trailers is his, we also learn that he may be having second thoughts about the New Order, with his quote – ‘I was raised to do one thing, but I’ve got nothing to fight for’. Guess someone will be changing sides.



Now we are onto the big guns Kylo Ren. We know he is kind of a Darth Vader fan boy, I don’t think he know’s how he died but he has declared, ‘Nothing will stand in our war, I will finish what you started.’ Chills running high at that line. He seems to be on board some new ship, or perhaps battle station… next up we briefly see Ren using the force to torture someone.

Finally some lens flare

Finally some lens flare, J.J. Abrams really can’t help himself but add these into his films.


That was all foreplay folks because the big stuff is what comes next. Harrison Ford returns and he is someone that ‘it’s all true’. A lot of people are assuming that this is in reference to the force and its users. After all the Emperor wiped most of them out so the galaxy has forgotten them but this won’t be for long.


I just loved the return of the Millennium Falcon and how they have re-imagined some of the ways the ships moved in the previous films.


We where treated to a shot of what I presume are the knights of Ren, aka Dark Side fan Bboys.


We get a few quick battle shots with some X-Wings and Storm Troopers in the middle of a fight.


We now see troops of the republic preparing for battle. Some soldiers in full flight suits, only cleaner than before others look like a rag tag militia. Maybe the Republics got more cash than the Rebels though why are their ground soldiers dressed like that? They seem to have a weird look of recognition is it as allies or as former enemies?


There seems to be an aerial dog fight going on in this scene and it looks awesome.

x wing boom

This has to be one of my favorite shots even though i have no clue what’s going on. We see this awesome looking set with this Droid who looks so cool but I do love it.


A brief shot of Luke putting the mechanical hand on R2, though we know this one all to well, the next view is of a firey background and the New Order.

new order

And a little more lens flare !



Now it looks like Rey is facing some hard truths. (Plus it looks like someone may have died here).


The original Bro’s are back and I am far from disappointed.

In my mind they are in mid dance off

After a few more dog fight scenes we get to see this awesome view of Storm Troopers prepping for battle.


Interestingly enough this is a nice tender shot of Han and Lea and I think the fans have been asking where the hell is Carrie Fisher, well she is back and we have missed her.


Here is another reused shot, this time from the Korean Trailer and it’s still just mesmerizing, you have to wonder has he practiced this shot in the mirror a few times.


This may have made me pee just a little with excitement.




The trailer has reused and extended a lot of previously used shots but that’s good because it means there is a lot that they are not showing us and well I for one am excited. Straight after work on the 18th of December I am going to see a VIP showing of it and I can’t hardly wait.


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