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Rowans Ruin (2015) Issue 1 Comic Book Review


The grass is always greener on the other side or so they say but some people just need to have a change. Rowans Rise is the story of Katie, a young Florida women who trades sunny beaches for the British countryside after she house swaps with another women giving them both relativity cheap vacations. Anyone who has created their own trading places scenario will know that this would be great, you’re free from your family, friends and obligations but all that changes for Katie. She soon begins to have nightmares that feel all too real and eventually she decides to research the history of the house she is staying in only to discover more than one dark tale, this is the story of Rowans rise.


The art work is the most important aspect and this series manages to be both dark and vibrant all at once. I have to say the team behind this did a fantastic job, I have read horror books before and they’re so dark that I end up just getting bored. This one draws you in and has you focused right from the get go.


This is a horror classic for the modern reader. Its a classic tale with maybe a little Amityville horror mixed in with lots of Insidious although the story is very classic Wes Craven.

Brought to us by the team behind 2005’s Spellbinders, Mike Carey (Suicide Risk, The Unwritten) and Mike Perkins (Deathlok), they have created this instant horror classic that will have you thrilled and on the edge of your seat, so sit back, dim the lights, check under your bed and enjoy.


Rowans Ruin #01 (Mike Perkins Cover) is available for pre-order from BOOM! Studio’s official website here.


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