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RoboCop Dead or Alive (2015) Issue 1 Comic Book Review


To this day I can still hum the theme from RoboCop. I’ve been known after a few drinks to announce that I will buy IT for a dollar. I grew up watching all the kid related stuff for RoboCop and the original films. I was still young enough to like the sequel’s and they hold a special place in my heart although the latest film nearly broke it. I’m still a fan of the original film which was a great piece of satire and action all rolled into one. It was a film that skirted the idea of the line between man and machine long before Ghost in the Shell, sadly the films never really reached their true potential due to studio interference. However there is new hope with a new comic book series set months after the original film.


Our book follows John Killian, a criminal from old Detroit’s mysterious past who returns to a city at war. The Detroit police department are finally fighting back against the chaos ridden streets and RoboCop is leading this valiant charge. Unfortunately this creates high tensions between the people and the police when the Mayor tries to remove the common man’s right to bear arms. Killian takes up the call for war and begins a campaign to take back what rightfully belongs to the people.

This series will bring back all those fond memories of the original film and not only that it’s going to ask some pretty hard questions like ones about police authority and the right to bear arms, so you will be challenged a little but you’re going to love every minute of it.

RoboCop #01 is available to purchase from BOOM! Studio’s official website here.


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