ABC TV Promo Reviews (2015-2016)

ABC were next to reveal their promos at Upfronts week following on from NBC and Fox. ABC brought a lot to the table in terms of both quantity and quality. Whilst debuting a lot of comedies, it’s their dramas that really left a lasting impression as you’ll see below.

The Catch

What’s it about: Centres on a brilliant fraud investigator who becomes the victim when she finds out her fiancée has been conning her all along.

the catch2

What we think: The fact that it’s being produced by Shonda Rimes already makes The Catch a winner in our eyes. It’s got all the typical characteristics of a Shonda drama; slick, sexy and intriguing. Yet the promo seemed a little underwhelming. It was quite a slow burner but perhaps that’s because they were trying to really capture the despair of Mireille Enos’ character. Mireille Enos, of course, does a brilliant job and we can’t wait to see more of her.

Excitement factor: 3.5/5


Dr Ken

What’s it about: Follows Dr Ken, a fantastic physician that struggles with his bedside manner as well as raising two kids.


What we think: I’m going to come out and say it. Ken Jeong is a genius. He’s hilarious in everything he does. But his brand of humour is quite adult which is why I worry it won’t be used in the right way on a family comedy. However the promo is entertaining and at times quite funny.  Plus we know Jeong is more than capable of leading a show so maybe Dr Ken will deliver.

Excitement factor: 3.5/5


The Family

What’s it about: A politician’s son returns after vanishing a decade earlier. As the family welcomes him back home suspicions grow and they are left wondering if the boy is really who he says he is.


What we think: The premise is so intriguing that even if the promo wasn’t good I’d still be interested. Luckily the promo delivers and really amps up the excitement for this new drama. The best thing about the trailer however is the feeling of eeriness they manage to achieve throughout culminating in the chilling scene of the ‘son’ watching home videos and repeating the lines. And with actors like Joan Allen and Allison Pill leading the cast it’s sure to be nothing short of excellent.

Excitement factor: 4/5


The Muppets

What’s it about: A more adult version, it follows the personal lives and relationships of The Muppets.


What we think: I love it. I can’t help it. It’s The Muppets. How can anyone not love it? There’s not really much else to say. The promo hits all the right notes and had me laughing throughout. Plus seeing Kermit and Miss Piggy on my screen again is just so satisfying.

Excitement factor: 4.5/5


Of Kings and Prophets

What’s it about: A biblical story told from the prospective of a king, a prophet and a shepherd on a collision course with destiny.

maxresdefault (11)

What we think: My first thought is that it should be on cable. I think it would benefit from less content restriction as it’s clear that it has quite adult themes. The promo itself is interesting but it feels as if there’s something lacking. On the plus side the cast is led by the formidable Ray Winstone who is sure to deliver some standout performances.

Excitement factor: 3/5



What’s it about: A young couple hoping for a better life move to North Dakota after the biggest oil discovery in American history.

UNTITLED PATE & FISHBURNE PROJECT - Starring Don Johnson as Hap, Chace Crawford as Billy, Rebecca Rittenhouse as Kelly, Delroy Lindo as Tip, Amber Valetta as Carla, Scott Michael Foster as Wick, India De Beaufort as Jules, Yani Gellman as AJ and Caitlin Carver as Lacey. (ABC/Craig Sjodin) REBECCA RITTENHOUSE, CHACE CRAWFORD, DON JOHNSON, AMBER VALETTA, SCOTT MICHAEL FOSTER

Oil – Starring Don Johnson as Hap, Chace Crawford as Billy, Rebecca Rittenhouse as Kelly, Delroy Lindo as Tip, Amber Valetta as Carla, Scott Michael Foster as Wick, India De Beaufort as Jules, Yani Gellman as AJ and Caitlin Carver as Lacey.

What we think: From the promo it looks as if it could be a darker and grittier version of Dallas. I’m hoping that they pursue the darkness rather than the soapy factor as it has the potential to be a really good show. Scott Michael Foster really shines in the trailer despite not having as much screen time as the rest and I can’t wait to see how his character develops. It looks interesting but they’re going to have to work very hard to shake the Dallas comparisons.

Excitement factor: 4/5



What’s it about: Follows the lives of FBI recruits who are training at the Quantico base. Unbeknownst to them is that one of the trainees is masterminding the biggest attack on New York since 9/11.



What we think: I’m going to go ahead and give Quantico the award for ABC’s best promo. The whole premise is very interesting and the execution proves to be suspenseful and exciting. Despite the fast paced nature of the programme it looks as if they’ve still allotted time for character development which is necessary for any good show. From the trailer there are already several characters that stand out and I for one can’t wait to see the pilot.

Excitement factor: 5/5


The Real O’Neals

What’s it about: Follows the lives of a strict Catholic family who after a series of confessions discover they may not be as perfect as they seem.

maxresdefault (12)

What we think: I was very pleasantly surprised by this promo. More surprising was that I found myself enjoying it more than any other comedy promo ABC released. Perhaps it’s because it has a more realistic vibe to it or because it’s trying to send out a positive message. Either way it was thoroughly entertaining and each character was instantly loveable. Definitely a comedy worth watching this fall.

Excitement factor: 4.5/5


Uncle Buck

What’s it about: An irresponsible and fun loving guy takes a job as a nanny for his brother’s family.

maxresdefault (13)

What we think: Mike Epps is very charismatic in the lead and he gets a lot of laughs in the promo. However apart from his performance the trailer seemed a little deflated. Despite that I think the show has a fair chance of succeeding considering the popularity of the movie.

Excitement factor: 3.5/5


Wicked City

What’s it about: Set in 1982 against a backdrop of sex, drugs and rock and roll, the LAPD are on the hunt for a pair of serial killers.

maxresdefault (14)


What we think: Chuck Bass is back as a serial killer? Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick stands out in this promo as the creepy yet charming serial killer. You can see he’s really relishing the role and it only makes the trailer better. Wicked City is up there with Quantico, being the best of ABC and potentially of Upfronts week.

Excitement factor: 5/5

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