Big Game (2015) Film Review

At €8.5 million, still a fraction of most Hollywood films, Big Game is Finland’s biggest ever film production. I can tell you this, Finland knows how to make a classic action movie. Big Game follows the adventure of two very unlikely allies; on the one hand you have Oskari, played by the brilliant  Onni Tommila, who is a 13 year old boy out in the harsh yet beautiful Finnish wilderness trying to prove that he is a man and on the other hand you have the President of the United States of America, played by the one and the only Mr Samuel L Jackson.

Big Game Movie Set (2)

Samuel somehow brings the same energy to any role, be it his drug addict role in Jungle Fever or commanding the Shield Hellicarrier in Marvel, this man will never disappoint. To sum up the plot without giving too much away Air Force One is downed in the Finnish wilderness, with all his allies dead or missing the President is forced into an unlikely alliance with Oskari, who is out on a hunting trip, alone. Rounding out the cast there was also the understated but excellent performances by Victor GarberJim Broadbent and Ray Stevenson.

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A classic action film in every sense. Big Game is not overly violent, which is actually a breath of fresh air. It uses practical and special effects to give a nice touch to it.  When shit hits tha fan this film pulses and moves quick but at those calm moments they really make use of the natural environment to push that fact. Mixed with a great score for something I have not seen in a long time. Big Game knows its a fun action film and it never tries to be more than that, ironically this is what lets it break that shell and grow as a film.


This film for me seems like it fits in somewhere between Running Man and Rambo. It has all the fun of the latter, yes I love The Running Man (even preferring it to the original Stephen King book), but it also has a certain depth to it, one that reminds me of Rambo. Where Rambo had its own strange beautiful philosophy about war and its affect on the human mind, this film has its own philosophy. This film is one that deals with coming of age, the parent child relationship, the duties that come with friendship and loyalty and most of all finding your inner strength and being able to push on. Like I said it’s surprisingly deep and that’s why I loved it, it’s a short but sweet film that I really look forward to watching again.

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