In defense of Joss Whedon


In the past few months several high profile celebrities have left Twitter the latest to leave is Joss Whedon. His final message has been summed up as thus:

“Thank you to all the people who’ve been so kind and funny and inspiring up in here.” It comes as the Avengers sequel hits cinemas, and viewers have gone on to Twitter to vent frustrations with the film’s plotlines – from perceived sexism in its handling of Scarlett Johansson’s character Black Widow, to the depiction of lightning-fast superhero Quicksilver.


So apparently Black Widow has been given a poor treatment and people have been making comments about how she behaved in the party scene and of her back story. Do these things make her weak? No her tragic back story means that she had something pretty traumatic to overcome and in the end doesn’t that make her a stronger character?


Some people have mentioned that she had less screen time than the other Avengers. In response to this all I can say is, in a team full of men, more of her backstory is fleshed out here than in any other film. For people to call Joss Whedon sexist it’s crazy. He has written some of the strongest female characters of the past 20 years, for example does anyone not remember Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer?



Another major criticism was a line that Black Widow makes after grabbing Captain America’s shield, saying that she always has to pick up after them, to me the line was mildly sarcastic, but apparently that’s sexest.


The modern world baffles me, could we use more female super heroes, yes! Is Black Widow a weak women, ummm NO!



Other criticisms were about the development of the twins, minor villains turned minor heroes, yes because there was enough time to do that. The biggest criticisms were against supposed plot holes in the script. Again all I can say is, these films are a part of a bigger plan and each single film cannot be looked at as an individual film but as a piece of a puzzle.


Then again Joss says he left twitter to write so who really knows the truth? But to anyone who criticizes this film remember it’s just a movie and it’s meant to be enjoyed so just treat it like a film and watch it. Joss Whedon, you have many loyal fans and we will all miss you on Twitter.


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