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DC Comics & Vertigo is coming to Emerald City Comic Con this weekend


DC Comics and Vertigo are both heading to Emerald City Comic Con 2015, this weekend, to bring you a great schedule of panels this weekend with some of the best talent and moderators in the industry. Here’s the schedule:

Friday, March 27

12:00-1:00pm Vertigo: New Blood

Moderators: Bill Willingham and Shelly Bond

Location: Hall C, TCC 301

Talent: Amy Chu, Kurt Busiek, Jeremy Haun, Tim Seeley, Gail Simone, Marley Zarcone

Celebrate the end of an era for FABLES as we countdown to issue 150 and reveal secrets, tell lies and most important: win Fables-related prizes.  You’ll also see highlights from upcoming Vertigo projects including MAD MAX: FURY ROAD and learn more about WOLF MOON, ASTRO CITY and EFFIGY.


Plus: The new VERTIGO Editorial team, Ellie Pyle, Rowena Yow, and Jamie Rich will be on hand to tell you what you need to know about pitching a project and presenting your portfolio at this show.

Saturday, March 28

1:00-2:00pm DC Comics – Weeklies Converge

Moderator: Hank Kanalz

Location: Hall C, TCC 301

Talent: Marguerite Bennett, Ray Fawkes, Dan Jurgens, Jeff King, Stuart Moore, James Tynion IV

As the weekly series Batman Eternal, Earth 2: Worlds End and Futures End reach their epic finales, space and time converge as the entire DC Universe, from the dawn of time through the New 52, must fight to survive this panel! Join the amazing talent behind the weekly series and the upcoming event Convergence!

4:30-5:30pm DC Comics – Champions of Justice

Moderator: Hank Kanalz

Location: Hall D TCC 302

Talent: Cullen Bunn, Shawn Crystal, Brenden Fletcher, Pat Gleason, Jeff Parker, Cameron Stewart, Babs Tarr

The heroes of DC Comics – The New 52 return to Seattle for a star studded, action packed panel! Join the creators of DC Comics’ most powerful and influential heroes and heroines for a sneak peek of what is to come for these champions of justice!

Sunday, March 29

3:00-4:00pm DC Entertainment – Master Class: Art History

Moderator: Fletcher Chu-Fong

Location: Hall C TCC 301

Talent:  Pat Gleason, Babs Tarr, Ben Templesmith

Class is in session as some of the greatest artists in the industry take this panel to school with an in-depth look at their creative process! DC Comics is proud to spotlight these talented individuals for this exclusive, all-access look at what it’s like drawing for DC!


Emerald City Comic Con is the premier comic book and pop culture convention in the pacific northwest. Check out the site to find the latest on everything ECCC, including lists of guests, exhibitors, artists, schedules, gaming and events.

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