Strong female characters from Comics to TV Part 1

After working on one of my previous articles I had a thought that in this series of Gods and men, the women are really starting to show their own. No longer are women being used as glorified set pieces but they are being treated as characters and as people so I thought I would do a list of my top 10 women in the comic book based TV series.



A girl without a past a wanderer and a drifter, Skye is the character that we see through the eyes of. She is dorky and fun, but has so many hidden talents. Though she might not agree with everything that Shield does she can’t help but be in awe at everything they do, a true fan girl. Played by the amazingly talented Chloe Bennet we have seen her grow from tech girl to a fully fledged Shield agent. We have seen her go from ducking for cover to duking it out with the best of them. With her true name and past revealed mid way through season 2 her character can only rise up.

“You can’t walk away from this. With great power comes…. a ton of weird crap you are not prepared to deal with.―Skye to Michael Peterson

Felicity Smoak


She may not have any super powers, but she does have super smarts. Felicity Smoak started off as a quiet wallflower and has really grown over the three seasons, of Arrow, to become one of strongest characters in the series.She sees right from wrong in a clear way and she won’t deviate even if common sense would say otherwise. She has managed to gain the attraction of Green Arrow, The Flash and The Atom all for different reasons, but beyond that she is the heart and soul of team Arrow and even without powers has stood up to Slade Wilson, Captain Cold and her own psychotic ex boyfriend.

As useful as all the members of team Arrow are it’s Felicity that makes them the well oiled machines that they are. She manages their coms, runs their computers and even works on their tech without her they would be in the dark. Emily Bett Rickards is part of the reason why this minor DC Character has become so loved, she pulls off Felicity’s dorky side perfectly, while still maintaining the professional look.

If I had accepted things, I would be a cocktail waitress in Vegas like my mother and I never would have gone to college and I never would have moved a thousand miles away to work at Queen Consolidated and I never would have believed some crazy guy in a hood when he told me I could be more than just some I.T. girl.” Felicity to Oliver.

Agent Melinda May


There are two people who need to be on this list and Agent May is one of them. If you read her profile at first glance with no proof of gender you’d expect her character to be a big brawny man, but in fact she is this tiny but deadly women, who has aged better than like 100% of the population. May is a bad ass simple as that, she has a strict code of honor making her a warrior but first and foremost she is loyal, to her team and her commanding officer.

Brought to life by veteran actress Ming Na, May is intimidating but has a soft and vulnerable side though it takes us a long time before we ever get a chance to see it.

Phil Coulson: ‘So what do ya say, ready to change the world’?

Melinda May: ‘No. But I’m ready to kick some ass’.

Chloe Sullivan


I nearly forgot about Chloe but the more I thought about it, the more I thought she needs to be on here. unique to Smallville like Skye she is the character through which we see the series, the Veronica Mars of Smallville Chloe works as Clarks alibi, confident and ally throughout the series even helping him form his first Super hero team and being his inspiration to be a reporter. She became a fan favorite very quickly and it was easy to see why.

“Miss Sullivan, your creative passion will always be for the bizarre and the inexplicable.” – Lionel Luthor


Constantine - Season 1

In the comics she may be British but on TV she is a Hispanic American, this minor change has really helped the Constantine series on a few minor plot points. Portrayed by Angélica Celaya, Zed is a psychic artist who joins John Constantine on his mission. She is much more idealistic than John and sees the good in his work and in him too. No matter how much he pushes her away she can see his pain and wants to help him, even if she ignores her own. She is a girl with a past and though she has run from it, it’s simply down to some battles are to big to fight alone and maybe in John she will have the ally she needs to take on the forces that haunt her. She is persistent, sarcastic but caring and gentle, someone who isn’t afraid of her own power and wants to use it rather than abuse it.

Bobbie Morse aka Mockingbird


Portrayed by Adrianne Palicki the Bobbi Morse incarnation of Mocking Bird appears in season 2 of Agents of Shield, appearing as a double agent for Hydra. On the battlefield she is deadly precise and could give Agent May a run for her money but off the field she is equally as deadly constantly verbally sparring with her ex, which is completely comical.

Mockingbird is almost as skilled as Black Widow and herself a former Avenger so I really am hoping that this small screen heroine will find her way into the bigger bader marvel universe. We haven’t seen much of her yet but we know this one is gonna be a big help to Colston as he rebuilds shield and will be needed in the fight against Hydra

Agent Peggy Carter


Other than agent May this is one of the first two characters to inspire this list. Haley Atwell portrays this trail blazer and future founder of Shield. This feisty female stands out among the rest of her peers her because not only does she stand out in a male dominated world but she is the only women in this world. Atwell portrays her in such a great way, she started off as kind of relevant in Captain America: The First Avenger and went on to become a great female lead, though their is a strong cast in the series Atwell is the main draw, besides take her seriously or she may just kick you in the balls.

Peggy Carter: [Walks to the table of the man who continuously insults his waitress, picks up his fork and leans over his shoulder] I understand you’re not happy with your meal.

Madison Avenue Guy: Do you work here?

Peggy Carter: Unfortunately, no.
[Presses the fork tines into his side as he groans]

Peggy Carter: Just so we’re clear, this is pressed into your brachial artery. It may be dull, but I’m determined. Keep smiling. Once you start to bleed, you’ll lose consciousness in fifteen seconds. You’ll die in ninety unless someone comes to your aid. Now, given your recent behaviour, how likely do you think that is to happen? To prevent this not entirely unfortunate event from occurring, I suggest you find a new place to eat. Do we understand each other?

Madison Avenue Guy: [In pain] Yeah.

Peggy Carter: Good. Oh. One more thing. Tip generously.

[She puts the fork down and walks away. He then lays several bills down]

Moira Queen


Some people may be surprised at this addition to my list but Moira Queen is someone who belongs here. Though she is kind of an antagonist in the series but in the end she does the right thing, she even sacrifices herself to save her children, like her husband this is one of the most noble actions anyone can take and beyond that this she has a ruthless nature that makes her very intimidating.

From the moment your children are born, you worry what the world might do to them…but you never stop to think what you might do to them. That we could be our worst enemy.“—Moira to Oliver Queen



I had nearly forgotten about this addition to my list. Shado on Arrow takes a lot of deviance’s from the original character. She is no longer a villain but instead one of Oliver’s original teachers, someone who sees the potential in him and helps give the foundation from which he builds everything else. though deadly she had a gentle side and was one of the most balanced people in the series. Her wisdom and interactions with both Slade and Oliver where some of the best moments from the Island.

Played by Celina Jade this actress really made the character her own and we hope to see more from her soon.

“Everyone has a demon inside of them. The “dao de jing” recognizes the yin and the yang, opposing forces inside all of us. The darkness and the light. The killer and the hero.”
—Shado to Oliver Queen

Amanda Waller


This is casting I was not entirely happy about, personally only CCH Pounder can play her, at least that’s how I used to feel, but this newer younger model is sleek, vicious, dangerous and stone cold dangerous. Waller runs Argus and has been the employer for several characters throughout the series, she is loyal to he cause and no one will change her path. This is her true strength she will never falter from her chosen path, no matter the consequences, for her the end defiantly justify s the means, out of everyone on this list she is the only one I’m certain I couldn’t some how avoid the wrath of.

Amanda Waller: I don’t need you to get the nerve agent out. I need you to get your team in.
John Diggle: My team?
Amanda Waller: They’re designated “Task Force X.”
Deadshot: [steps out of cell] Give me a break. This ain’t no task force. Let’s call it as it is – Welcome to the Suicide Squad.

Amanda Waller: Fall back to the rally point. A Nine inbound and hot. Mockingbird out.
John Diggle: What the hell are Nines?
Lyla Michaels: MQ-9s. Predators. Waller’s called in a drone strike. Everyone here is dead inside of 10 minutes.

See the rest in Part 2

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