ChatGrape creates a new way for companies to communicate

We live in a connected world, sometimes those connections can make us feel isolated and sometimes those connections can be cumbersome. ChatGrape is a wonderful idea that helps streamline the work we do together while keeping us all connected. For any company big and small this service has a lot to offer, while at the Web Summit we had a chance to chat with Leo Fassbender (Co-Founder of ChatGrape) and hear what he had to say about his product.


Can you tell our readers about ChatGrape?

Hello I am Leo Fassbender and I am one of the Founders of ChatGrape. With ChatGrape we are developing a new kind of chat based communication tool for companies and start-ups and what we have created is a smart search engine that indexes everything you work with. This includes all your documents, files, issues, tasks, sales information and makes them accessible within your chat right at your finger tips. Now this works on a similar principle to Facebook when you tag a friend. We have integrated this idea with inter office communication, previously if you wanted to share a document with a colleague you would open an email and start typing an email, leave the email and look for your document, copy it and paste it back into your email, now you can access this at ease. This is similar to a few other ideas out there at the moment but we are taking integration to the next level, by removing all the extra noise and streamlining the service.


If any of our readers want to use your tech how would they get access to it?

Well for instance you would use the Hashtag to generate what you need and like using Facebook you type the desired recipient’s name and then they can gain access to the desired materials. With this technique you don’t have to interfere with your chain of thought. We are continuously working on a bunch of other things that will make your searches even more efficient and quicker, such as natural language processing

How is funding for your project going?

We are in a lucky position where we have a bunch of investors already interested including one of Austria’s biggest investors interested in investing in us. So we are at a stage where we are now trying to find who would be the best strategic partner for us to readily role out the product but also have the leverage to do a proper run next year.

When next year do you in tend to have the product ready?

We have launched an early access phase 2 and a half months ago. We are now live with 200 companies using us daily and a further 600 on our waiting list we are planning to fully launch the open beta in the next few weeks. One of the reasons we are at the Summit is to get a lot of feed back from start-ups and businesses who we value as very important users.

If a company wants to use your product what web site do they go to to get it?

They can access it by visiting our web site at

How much does it cost to use?

For the moment it’s free and it will be fairly reasonably priced with small and medium companies having to pay about $35. Since we love start-ups we offer a special offer were it only costs one euro a month.


This product is innovative and practical, honestly it’s something that in a few years we will all be using, visit their web site and get access to it now, you wont be disappointed.



For more information about ChatGrape you can check out the official website at , you can also find them on Facebook and Twitter @chatgrapecom


 Editor in Chief: David

You can find me next at SXSW 2015 (Austin, Texas) & Emerald City Comic Con 2015 (Seattle).



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