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Lobo (DC Comics) Issue One- A Review

So, I thought it was about time I offered up some reviews on the efforts of the New 52 Universe, and what better way than to start with one of it’s more recent?
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Lobo is one of this months offerings and to many, I’m sure, appears to be a new character to enter the fray. This assumption is almost right. This incarnation of Lobo was first introduced to the New 52 in the ‘Justice League’ as part of ‘Villains Month’ and reveals that he is on the trail of an imposter. This counterpart is none other than a re-imagined version of the classic Lobo that first appeared in 1983 (yes I know, it’s all very complicated). So, for those that don’t know, the previous Lobo (I’ll ignore the orange and purple lycra phase) was best known for his love of leather and, before any imaginations run wild here, I mean biker leather. He was crass, long haired and partial to a good bout of unnecessary violence, whilst, in comparison, this new imagining seems, for want of a better word, Emo…

Original Lobo

Original Lobo

Now, don’t get me wrong, the violence on offer in this first issue is just as unnecessary as the pages of his predecessor. Decapitations are aplenty, dismemberments many and disembowelments frequent. Though, whilst pre-52 Lobo would have carried out these acts like a steam train on steroids, this version has the finesse of a prima ballerina… The flash-back sequence doesn’t do him any favours either as he is depicted as something of a romanticist, painting (‘like one of your french girls’) his, then, lover. So, at this moment in time I can’t help but feel that, if put in the right sun light, he might just rival a ‘Twilight’ vampire (sparkle sparkle).

I will, however, give this issue some credit. For one, the premise is an age old ‘hunt down the assassins before they get the target’ arc and, if you’re like me, you’ll at least stick with the series until you’ve met some of the better ones. Also, it just so happens that Lobo is himself a world class bounty hunter/assassin and, as we all know, nothing really beats an assassin vs assassin smack down. Finally, in a moment of sheer brilliance the guys at DC Comics allowed this Lobo to keep at least one remnant of this past.. An absolute beast of a motorcycle!

So, in all, I am sadly a little underwhelmed with this re-incarnation. Although he claims to be the true Lobo it will take an awful lot to replace his predecessor, and a huge feat to convince me (or at least my heart) that he, in fact, is not an imposter himself.

Rating- 6/10

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