What is the Web Summit all about?


The Dublin Web Summit 2014 provides an alternative way to fund both local and international start-ups. The summit provides a platform for everything from films, TV and music to sports, food and technology. The summit is full of projects, companies and start-ups that are brought to life through investors and direct support from the public, founders, entrepreneurs and CEO’s. Since 2010, the Summit has helped either raise awareness or helped funded 1000’s of creative projects and start-ups from around the world.

The Web Summit provides a platform for start-up companies and projects to showcase their ideas to potential funders and investors. It’s also a great networking opportunity and a wealth of resources and information is readily available to help the next generation of innovators.

One way to perfectly describe what the Web Summit is all about is to think of it as a live version of Kickstarter. Instead of watching videos and reading about various creative projects, potential investors and funders can see and test prototypes as well as being able to meet the creative team, behind those ideas, in person. With crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter a video is normally produced to summarise visually what your project is all about and why you need help to fund it. At Web Summit it’s a whole different ballgame as you are one stand in a hall filled with them. You will need an engaging team to attract all those investors and media walking by to stop in their tracks and give your stand the exposure it needs. If no one stops by your stand then you will fail to achieve the funding required to make your project a reality.

We believe that creative projects make for a better world, and we have helped and will continue to support new ones. If you are one of the companies exhibiting at the Web Summit make sure you regularly update your social media. Over 2000 members of the press from over 750 media outlets from around the world will be at the Web Summit. If you want to stand out from the crowd to get some much needed media exposure then engaging or keeping the media informed about your company will help achieve that.

As one of the members of the media attending this event, one of the most frustrating aspects is being able to find readily available information about the companies who will be at the Web Summit this year. We know the names of the start-up companies but we don’t know what the company is about and what their projects are. Basically help the media to help your company get attention and find investors for your projects. The majority of exhibitors have paid to be there and the media, including us, is only happy to listen to and help you achieve your dreams and goals. We are looking forward to discovering in the exhibit hall all the new and innovative ideas out there, after all the Dublin Web Summit is the place to be to network with the entire European technology industry.

Dublin Web Summit 2014

4th-6th November 2014, Dublin

Check out the official site for more information and tickets.



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