Food Summit: The Future of Edible Technology


It will come as no surprise to those that know me or know me well that I love food, which is why I’m looking forward to the Food Summit as part of the Web Summit in Dublin. In almost 20 years the one place I’ve visited the most has been Hong Kong (thanks to my parents who grew up there). Hong Kong is the place to be to sample food from a diverse range of cultures and at affordable prices too. My taste palette is all thanks to my parents cooking, travelling and working in the catering industry. For the last few years, I have sampled some of the diverse culinary specialities Belfast has to offer. I’m looking forward to tasting the food that Dublin and Good Food Ireland has to offer next month.

When I’m not stuffing my face with all the delicious food on offer at the Food Summit I’ll be at the Food Stage to hear how technology is changing how food is prepared, cooked and manufactured. As someone who loves to bake (cupcakes are my speciality) I look forward to seeing and hearing about any projects, start-ups or companies that will enhance the baking experience.

Another aspect of the Food Summit I’m looking forward to hearing about is using the 3D printing technology on food. When I first heard about this I wondered if such an idea was even possible. Has technology advanced far enough to the point where we can turn a blueprint into edible food? Yes folks we are boldly stepping beyond printing models, prototypes and even guns as we can now print chocolate. Fancy treating yourself this Christmas? If you have £3,888 you can add the Choc Creator V2 3D chocolate printer by Choc Edge to your kitchen collection. I can already see parents fighting with their children to use it.

The Choc Creator V2 is a simple and versatile precision desktop 3D Chocolate Printer. It was developed as a cost-effective solution for individuals, chocolatiers, entrepreneurs and small businesses to make innovative chocolate products – the possibilities are endless!

Not only can we now make real chocolate with 3D printing, we can now make real food too with fresh ingredients at home or at work thanks to Natural Machines. Natural Machines will be on the food tech stage during the Food Summit at Web Summit 2014. They are the makers of Foodini: the first 3D food printer kitchen appliance to contribute to a healthy eating lifestyle. With the future food industry changing thanks to edible technology,one has to wonder how much it will impact the environment and our everyday lives. Will we become too dependent on technology? Will our future generation even need to learn how to cook anymore?

For anyone attending the Web Summit, DaxRestaurant is offering a complimentary welcome glass of Prosecco if you have lunch or dinner with them from 4-6th November.


What is Web Summit?

Within three years Web Summit has become one of the world’s most influential and international tech events. This year Web Summit 2014 showcased over 500 world-renowned speakers, 10 stages including the Digital Marketing, Internet of Things, Enterprise, and Builders Summits, 2,000 worldwide startups exhibited their ideas, 200+ satellite events, 1,000 experienced investors, and 800 of the best tech journalists. For three days this November, Dublin once again become the international tech capital.

Who attends Web Summit?

Last year, 10,242 attendees came from all over the globe including business leaders from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Box and over 60% of the Fortune 500. This year, 22,000 people interested in new ideas that are changing our daily lives met and learnt from the people shaping the future of the world, faster and further than any generation in history.

The Web Summit be will back in 2015. Check out the official site for more information.



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