A to Z (2014) TV Pilot Review


A to Z chronicles a young couple’s relationship from start to finish. Warning there may be spoilers.

I wasn’t expecting much from A to Z, I didn’t rate the promo that highly and wasn’t really sure if the concept would work. However I was pleasantly surprised. I actually really enjoyed and found myself laughing several times throughout.

A to Z - Season Pilot

It’s the typical romantic story. Boy meets girl. Boy asks girl out. Girl is unsure. Boy and girl kiss as the end. Very clichéd but it works well for them. Ben Feldman plays Andrew, a sensitive guy searching for love. Cristin Milioti plays Zelda, a guarded woman definitely not looking for love. Their polar opposite personalities make for some great chemistry and they work very well together on screen. They both play their respective parts well, coming across as charming and likeable. However it is the supporting characters that steal the show in the pilot. Firstly we have Lydia (Christina Kirk), Andrew’s nightmare boss who can frequently be seen berating her employees. Then we have Lora (Hong Chau) and Dinesh (Parvesh Cheena), colleagues of Andrew that used to date but now hate each other. Their sniping remarks at each other were hilarious to watch and I hope the writers continue it for forthcoming episodes. But the real stars of the show are Lenora Crichlow and Henry Zebrowski as Stephie (Zelda’s friend) and Stu (Andrew’s friend) respectively. Zebrowski definitely has the funniest material in the episode and Stu’s inappropriate behaviour makes for entertaining viewing. Crichlow, who is a well know talent in the UK, is really in her element in this comedic role. Her meltdown after finding out about Stu is hilarious to watch. I suspect that these two will be a constant source of hilarity throughout. I’m hoping that they’ll have more scenes together because I’m sure their antagonistic relationship will be fun to observe.


A twist that piques my interest is that we know Andrew and Zelda are going to break up. We’re giving an exact time, a little over 8 months. So we know that they will become a serious couple but something will cause them to end their relationship. Perhaps their opposite personalities will become too much or maybe Andrew will want to commit more whilst Zelda won’t. It instantly makes the viewer wonder and draws us in. However I wonder if this twist will be enough to sustain the audience. There are a few romantic comedies premiering this year which means that each one has to have their own special thing. Manhattan Love Story has the couple’s thoughts revealed throughout. Selfie is based on Pygmalion. So is the fact that we know Andrew and Zelda are going to break up really enough to make it standout? Of course it’s funny and sweet but so are the others. I do worry that it needs something more to be successful.


A to Z has a great cast that really can deliver comedy well. The characters are likeable and the show comes across as both charming and entertaining. It’ll be interesting to see how the story progresses and if they can make it a winner for NBC.

Rating- 3/5

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