Dublin Comic Con 2014- A Review


This weekend, 9-10 August 2014, marked the opening of Dublin Comic Con 2014 and, along with it, my first real con-shame moment (though we’ll get to that later). I have come to realise that early starts are part and parcel of con life. Gone are weekend lie-ins and in their place are 5.30am starts. Though, with the variety and abundance of cons on offer sleep deprivation is becoming old hat and, like many the con we’ve been to, Dublin Comic Con proved to be more than worth the sacrifice.


Dublin Comic Con is relatively new to the Con scene (having only debuted in 2013). As it is such a newbie one could assume that it would be relatively minor, would host only a guest or two and, as a result, would not attract a big crowd. This couldn’t be further from the truth.


First of all, it has to be mentioned that the online tickets for the con have sold out. Secondly, this is a con that tailors to many the nerd’s tastes. For those out there that dabble in DC (or, in my case, live by it) Kevin Conroy, Mr ‘I’m Batman’ himself, was there. For those with hankering for all things cosplay Melissa O Brien and Meagan Marie (with whom we managed to nab an interview, which you can view here) were on hand.

Also, if like me, you enjoy a comic or two Alan Grant (one of my idols) was there to sign an autograph or two. Though, probably the most anticipated of all, (‘who you gonna call?’) was Ernie Hudson, best known as Winston Zeddmore from ‘Ghostbusters’.


Aside from these guests (and a number of others), it has to be said that this was probably one of the more interactive cons I’ve been to. There were plenty of activities on offer to keep everyone busy. For one, I’ve never been to a con were one could dander outside, pick up an air soft gun and start shooting the be-Jesus out of things. Or, neither have a been to a con where you could take a stroll through an interactive Alien and Predator set which, is unfortunately, where I popped my con-shame cherry.


I’ll admit it readers, without a doubt, I’m one of the fainter hearted among you. It took a while for the other NG members (and a small child) to convince me that walking through a small dark place would be fine. They lied! Much to everyone’s disbelief a scream pierced the air when an Alien made a move towards an unsuspecting con-goer. All eyes went to the child and then all erupted in laughter when they realised the scream had come from 26 year old, 5 foot 9(ish) me. I’m pretty sure I’m never going to be allowed to forget that one….


Last, but not least, I have to give a shout out to the exhibitors. A staple of all cons and always there to have a chat (and take your money). A few of the regulars were there (such as Uproar Comics and Green Monkey Comics) though some newer faces like the creators of ‘Big Bastard’ were also there. As always a vast array of merchandise was available, including a few rare comics (that I had to be forcibly removed from).


So, in all, Dublin Comic Con 2014 is a con for all. Whether you grew up with 90s animated Batman, dabble in comics or just like to shoot things, this is a con that will more than keep you occupied.


You can check out more photos on our Facebook , Flickr and deviantART


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