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Bearlands (Comic Book Review)

This comic is for anyone who is somehow sick of the zombie genre. Granted there aren’t many but I know you’re out there. Presented by Subversive comics, Bearlands is something that starts out as ironic, maybe even a little silly, though in the turn of a page it becomes extremely compelling. Just think adorable zombie bears in brutally bloody badass scenarios mixed with crisp clean cut art work that just lends itself superbly to the mix giving us this world of adorable terrifying action packed awesomeness.


Our protagonist is a haunted man, I mean bear, who struggles with memories of his life before. The series kicks off with him travelling through the desert on a motor bike, it’s a classic cliche and we love it. The hero is renegade incarnate, the kind of guy you wish you could be, you know the strong silent type, but well cuddly too. He arrives at a supposed safe zone which is little more than a fortified town, run by a sadistic mad man who has kept the town safe with what must be one of the most terrifying defenses possible with a moat full of zombies. That may be a little twisted but its a zombie comic, so what do you expect, besides in my opinion its f*ck1n9 h4rdc0r3 ! Our hero quickly finds himself in a precarious situation with dishonest guards and a gladiatorial battle on the horizon this book really packs in the action, keeping it held together with some delicious honey. Honey being an analogue for gold or money, that and it’s delicious.


The series has all the staples of a great zombie story; insane preachers, amoral characters and the anti-hero with a mysterious past, plus a crap load of zombies. The book is fresh and it’s fun complete with some great puns in its titles but don’t judge these books by their covers the series is pretty dark and very deep. The fact that the characters are adorable bears just lets them go darker and more hardcore with the series, which really is the beauty of it. All you need to do is pick up a copy, I suggest here, then sit back and enjoy. This is a series that will surprise you and your going to love it, besides they do have some awesome merchandise to go with their product.






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