Wired Cafe at SDCC 2014

Date: 24 – 26 July 2014.

Time: 11am to 5pm daily.

Location: On the rooftop of the Omni Hotel, San Diego.

While attending San Diego Comic Con this year, we had the opportunity to attend Wired Cafe. WIRED hosted the 7th annual WIRED Café at San Diego Comic Con International 2014 from Thursday 24th to Saturday 26th July, 2014.

The Cafe was presented by WIRED and was open by invitation only to the press, industry insiders and celebrities. Those lucky enough with an invite where treated to an open bar, Ice Cream, lunch, custom engravings, Superhero sketches, a Game of Thrones Oculus Rift experience and getting to try the latest gadgets and technology.

The featured Sponsors at WIRED Café this year included American Airlines, Ben & Jerry’s, Boogie Board eWriters, Epilog Laser,HBO, MakerBot, Pelican Products, Phonesoap, Savannah College of Art & Design and WGN America.


HBO was back this year to sponsor WIRED Café, for the past two years they have provided a Game of Thrones themed bar. Due to the growing popularity, Game of Thrones was the main theme for HBO at WIRED Café 2014.

For this year they included an extra special activity, which was the Ascend the Wall Oculus Rift experience. This was the same experience for those who attended the Game of Thrones exhibition when it toured the world earlier this year.

The Game of Thrones beer for this event was ‘Fire and Blood: Red Ale’ by Brewery Ommegang.

Red Ale

The Game of Thrones cocktails for this year included the White Walker.

White Walker

Savannah College of Art & Design had Artists available to sketch guests as Superheros, those waiting in line could also show off their Artistic abilities with the provided sketch pads or grab a free T-shirt.

Scad 2


Guests at Wired Cafe where treated to live demonstrations of the 3D printers by Makerbot. Some of the figurines, including the ones below, took at least several hours to make.


MakerBot, a subsidiary of Stratasys, Ltd., is leading the Next Industrial Revolution by setting the standards in reliable and affordable desktop 3D printing. Founded in 2009, MakerBot has built the largest installed base of desktop 3D printers sold to innovative and industry-leading customers worldwide, including engineers, architects, designers, educators and consumers.




Epilog Laser offered complimentary custom laser engraving services on iPads, laptops, cell phones, and other tech gadgets for those with access to the café.

Below are some of the images guests could choose to custom engrave their tech with.


Epilog Laser can even engrave detailed photos so you can create the perfect gift with your family photos.

Epilog Laser can engrave on any surface even Torches, they don’t just work on objects with a flat surface so the possibilities is endless.

Boogie Board eWriters provided guests with the opportunity to write and sketch on an erasable electronic handheld tablet. If you where quick enough Boogie Board gave away some of the Boogie Board Jot 4.5 to guests each day of the Wired Cafe.

Boogie Board

The contoured shape of the Boogie Board Jot 4.5 case is optimized to easily hold in one hand while writing or drawing with the other. The stylus uniquely clips to the side of the eWriter to always keep it within reach. The stylus can also be used as a stand by inserting it into the kickstand slot. The frosted plastic cover keeps unwanted marks off the Reflex LCD writing surface while on the go and easily snaps on and off. There are four colors available (red, blue, pink, gray) to match your personal style.

Boogie Board 2

Wired Cafe was a great place to unwind from the chaos and stress of Comic Con. We would like to thank everyone for their hospitality.

Nerdgeist is looking forward to hopefullly being back again next year.



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