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Some people grow up reading Comic books and escape into the world of Superheroes. I didn’t start reading them until i was older but I can see how the stories inspire characters to look up to. Personally Batman has always been my favourite, probably because he’s easier to relate to than say Wolverine. Reading was a great way to escape growing up and it still is today. We all need to escape now and again, to forget for a brief moment the current worries we are experiencing in our lives. Most of us immerse ourselves in something we are passionate about, something that captivates our interests, such as a book, a TV Show, a film, a game, the list is endless. But when you can share your interests with thousands of other people who are just as passionate then the level of comfort and excitement is indescribable.

When you are walking around San Diego Comic Con International everyone greets you and with a smile on their face. They want to know where you got something from, what something you have is, who you are dressed as and more than likely they have a common interest with you.

San Diego Comic Con International has bought in Fandoms of all kinds from all over the World, from California all the way around to New Zealand.

What’s a Fandom you ask? A Fandom is a community that surrounds a TV show, a film, a book, a comic book, a game, Actors, Musicians etc. The members of Fandoms can include Cosplayers, Writers, Artists, Gamers and just plain old die hard fans.

Fandoms often consist of forums, live journal communities, social media, Tumblrs, websites and people. It’s a way for fans to get together and communicate their appreciation for their favourite TV shows, films, books, games, Actors, Bands etc.

MTV has recognised these Fandoms and they will be bringing the first ever mtvU Fandom Awards and Fan Fest to San Diego Comic Con International  on Thursday 24th July 2014.

Keep an eye on our Twitter and as we will be bringing you press coverage of the event itself thanks to MTV.


Event: MTV U Fandom Awards and MTV Fan Fest 

Date: Thursday 24th July, 2014

Location: Petco Park, San Diego

Time: 7-11pm

Cost: Entry will be first come-first served and admission is free with a San Diego Comic-Con 2014 badge.

UPDATE: Due to overwhelming demand for entrance, priority admission will be granted to Thursday and four-day Comic-Con badge holders on a first-come-first served basis.

For your chance to WIN VIP tickets to the show, check the details below on how to enter.



Continuing the evening of fandemonium are Channing Tatum and Diego Luna, who will be on hand to present fans with an exclusive first look of the much-anticipated animated film from producer Guillermo del Toro and director Jorge Gutierrez “The Book of Life.”

Additionally, Chloe Grace Moretz will present an exclusive clip from the highly touted feature film “If I Stay,” which is based on Gayle Forman’s best-selling YA novel.

Also among the day’s presenters will be celebrity super fans Orlando Jones (“Sleepy Hollow”) and Retta (“Parks and Recreation”), Dan Harmon, Gillian Jacobs and Jim Rash (“Community”), Kellan Lutz (“Expendables 3”), Steven Yeun (“Walking Dead”), Jenna Dewan Tatum (“Witches of East End”), Rob Riggle (“Let’s Be Cops”), Molly Tarlov (“Awkward”), Michael Willet (“Faking It”) and Nathan Kress (”Into the Storm”).

Rounding out the night, fans can expect some special surprise appearances from their favorite stars.

Tyler Oakley, YouTube sensation and MTV’s social media correspondent for the evening, will be on the ground bringing fans on social media up close and personal with their favorite stars.

Fandom Award voting for all categories ends July 23 at 6 p.m. ET.  Get your votes in before July 23 at

Channing Tatum and Diego Luna (“The Book of Life”)

Chloe Grace Moretz (“If I Stay”)
Orlando Jones (“Sleepy Hollow”)
Dan Harmon, Gillian Jacob s& Jim Rash (“Community”)
Kellan Lutz (“Expendables 3”)
Steven Yeun (“Walking Dead”)
Jenna Dewan Tatum (“Witches of East End”)
Rob Riggle (“Let’s Be Cops”)
Molly Tarlov (“Awkward”)
Michael Willet (“Faking It”)
Nathan Kress (”Into the Storm”)
Tyler Oakley, YouTube sensation and MTV’s social media correspondent for the evening

mtvU, announced the nominees for the “Fandom of the Year” award, which features 32 honorees spread across four sub genres – Movies, TV Dramas, TV Comedies and Animation – with winners being decided by bracket-style voting. The award will be handed out at the first ever “mtvU Fandom Awards,” which will take place along with the “MTV Fan Fest” on Thursday, July 24 at Petco Park during Comic-Con International: San Diego. MTV and mtvU will premiere the 60-minute “mtvU Fandom Awards Special” on Sunday, July 27 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, celebrating the honorees and showcasing some of the best moments from the show.

“Fandom of the Year” nominees include fans of the biggest blockbuster franchises in entertainment like “Captain America,” “X-Men” and “The Hunger Games,” as well as series with the most passionate fandoms in TV, including “Community,” “Pretty Little Liars,” “Teen Wolf,” “Family Guy,” “Breaking Bad,” “Sherlock” and “The Vampire Diaries.” The full list of all 32 nominees for the “Fandom of the Year” award presented by Jolly Rancher Candies is included below and fans can vote for all of their favorites at

“The ‘Fandom of the Year’ award is the ultimate celebration of the biggest fandoms in pop culture,” said Ryan Kroft, “mtvU Fandom Awards” Executive Producer. “We’re thrilled to honor more than two dozen fandoms through an innovative bracket unlike anything we’ve seen in another awards show.”

Today also marks the launch of voting for the “Best Fandom Forever” award presented with Tumblr, the home for fandoms. The nominees in that category are “Harry Potter,” “The Lord of the Rings,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Doctor Who,” “Sherlock” and “Batman.” Starting today, MTV will launch a unique post for each of the “Best Fandom Forever” nominees on the MTV Tumblr page, with the winner determined by the post with the largest note count. Voting for this award will run through July 23.

“Tumblr fandoms are the most passionate communities of our platform, and I can’t wait to see how they congregate to lift their favorites to the award stage,” said Sima Sistani, Tumblr Director of Media and Entertainment. “Not even I am immune to the Fandom pull. Let me just say, Expelliarmus!”

The Nominees for “Fandom of the Year” are:


  • “The Hunger Games”
  • “Divergent”
  • “The Hobbit”
  • “Veronica Mars”
  • “The Fault in Our Stars”
  • “Captain America: Winter Soldier”
  • “X-Men: Days of Future Past”
  • “Pacific Rim”

TV Dramas

  • “Supernatural”
  • “Teen Wolf”
  • “Game of Thrones”
  • “The Vampire Diaries”
  • “Doctor Who”
  • “Sherlock”
  • “Breaking Bad”
  • “Pretty Little Liars”

TV Comedies

  • “Community”
  • “Parks & Recreation”
  • “New Girl”
  • “Awkward”
  • “How I Met Your Mother”
  • “Glee”
  • “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”
  • “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”


  • “Attack on Titan”
  • “Free! Iwatobi Swim Club”
  • “Archer”
  • “Adventure Time”
  • “South Park”
  • “Naruto”
  • “Blood Lad”
  • “Family Guy”

The Nominees for “Best Fandom Forever” (BFF) presented with Tumblr are:

  • “Harry Potter”
  • “The Lord of the Rings”
  • “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”
  • “Doctor Who”
  • “Sherlock”
  • “Batman”

The “mtvU Fandom Awards” and “MTV Fan Fest”

The “mtvU Fandom Awards” honor the fans whose tenacious excitement pushes movies, TV, books and comics from subculture to mainstream, worldwide success. To further honor the dedicated fans of Comic-Con, the “MTV Fan Fest” will feature stirring sets from Linkin Park and rising hip hop artist G-Eazy, part of a free party at Petco Park open to all Comic-Con badge holders with food, drinks, games and giveaways. The “MTV Fan Fest” will lead into the “mtvU Fandom Awards” on Thursday, July 24.

The “mtvU Fandom Awards Special” will also feature taped appearances from celebrities including Hugh Jackman, Aaron Paul, Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Dylan O’Brien, Holland Roden, Kat Graham and more. Additional celebrities attending the event will be announced at a later date.

​For more information on the “mtvU Fandom Awards,” visit

UPDATE: Check out our interview with Nathan Kress at MTV U Fandom Awards 2014 (SDCC)

Nathan Kress Interview at MTV U Fandom Awards 2014 (SDCC)




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