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Interview with Comic Artist Steve Penfold


While at Ireland Comic Con we had the chance to meet and interview Comic Artist Steve Penfold.

Can you tell our readers about your comic?

This is the story of the Moon, basically the Moon drops out of the sky in the early hours of the morning, puts on a suit and takes out a gun and finds ridiculous crime.  It’s been doing that for 2000 years ever since a botched Celtic ceremony in 12 AD.


How did you come up with the Idea?

I didn’t, it wasn’t my idea, basically the writer Dan Thompson produced a short film about 6 years ago. I think, it was about a minute and a half long, it was entitled ‘The Day the Moon Got Too Close.’

He came up with the idea to make the Moon a Detective. In the short film it’s about the Moon in a car chase, having a gun fight. We decided we needed to do more and we turned it into a comic after that.


Whats been your favorite part about working on the Comics so far?

Just seeing it work to be honest, you can never really tell. You start drawing your first and I always got the sense it was going to work, People enjoyed the character and were having the best time with it. The best bit by far for me, personally, was it simply working.


 What was the major influence on doing the stories because I saw a couple of cliches taken out of context slightly?

It’s kind of the whole point of the book, it takes deliberate cliches and it takes accepted structures and it basically blows them to pieces in a couple of pages. We set them up as if this is where we are going, yeah this is business as usual and invariably something happens that ruins it effectively or make it better either way. The idea is literally to play to the cliches in order to come up with a more original book.


What’s the future for your Book Series?

We’ve got six issues of this coming out and then we’re gonna be creating a graphic novel, which will form one story arc. We’ve got an 18 book story arc planned for the future.  The first two issues are already out, you can buy them online or you can purchase them in person at their booth in the Comic Village at MCM Belfast Comic Con (7-8 June at King’s Hall).


How did you originally get into Comics?

I just drew, I used to draw comics when I was a little kid, that was what I liked.


What Comics where you into as a child?

2000 AD, I found some Marvel when I was about 14 or 15.


The movie studios are breathing new life into the Comic Book business, they are mostly focusing on the superheroes and a lot more independents are coming up with unique concepts like this, do you think that’s a good thing?

Totally, I mean it’s a brilliant thing. Basically the major companies know they are making the money from the superheroes so they will just carry on doing that. Marvel has effectively just, and I love Marvel, they are locked in. All it is, is about developing their characters towards the films. Whereas with indies, it gives an opportunity for new ideas. Basically when Stan Lee came out with Marvel that was a new idea, it was a commercial company but it was an indie. The next big thing will come from independents.

What’s been your favourite issue to draw so far?

It would be issue 2, there was one particular moment that was really satisfying. Not to give away any spoilers but it ends in a rain storm. For some reason I just got obsessed, I drew every single rain drop.

Visit Beyond the Bunkers’ home page to check out what else they have in store. You can also find them at Belfast Comic Con in the Comic Village section.

MCM Belfast Comic Con

7th – 8th June 2014 – Kings Hall Complex, Belfast.


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