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Interview with Comic Writer Neil Gibson

While at Ireland Comic Con we had the chance to meet and interview Neil Gibson from T Publications.


Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself?

I’m Neil, I’m a Writer, I make Comic Books. I’m not really that interesting a person, what would you like to hear about?

What actually got you into Comics?

I read Comics as a kid, I read Spider-Man and the superhero stuff but I kind of got bored of it after a while when I was about 17. It was always the same; a super villain would fight a good guy, he would punch the villain, evil would grow stronger and come back, the good guy would struggle and beat him again. I thought I’d grown out of Comic Books, I’m done with that. And then I was in my twenties and someone gave me a good one to read – Watchmen. I thought “Oh my god, comic books could be anything, just like films and books are a medium for telling stories”. I fell in love with that, I think it’s fantastic.

I never thought I would write, I was a fan for ten years and I was working a project in the Middle East. I thought I’d try writing comics instead of watching TV and people really liked what I did.

Would people such as Alan Moore be your main source of inspiration?

That’s a good question, there’s a difference between inspiration and what I like. I actually find I’m not influenced much by other creators, I don’t know why. Normally I just write stories that I want to write.


With Twisted Dark, there’s nothing else in the market like it, it’s kind of like if you’re old enough to remember, Twilight Zone or Outer Limits. It’s a psychological thriller, it’s a series of stories with twist endings you don’t see coming. All the stories (even though they are standalone) interconnect with each other as you go through.

Is the Twisted Light the complete opposite of the Twisted Dark series?


I love comic books so much as a medium, my mission is to get people to read comic books. We actually have a campaign to get people to read comics and to use comics in universities and schools, which would teach people about stories and social commentary. Some people don’t like dark stories, some people like romance, some people like vampires and some people like cowboy westerns. We are trying to create comics that would suit everyone’s tastes. There is something out there for you, don’t assume all comics are about superheros or kids’ stuff because there is so much creative stuff out there.

We are committed to doing our bit in society. We have a few projects in place to increase street art and we are always busy lecturing on comics. As the projects complete, we post the results on our Facebook page.

However, if you would like more information on what we are doing or if you would like us to get involved with anything, please get in contact:

Visit T Publications website for free comic book samples and to check out what else they have in store.

You can also find them at Belfast Comic Con in the Comic Village section.

MCM Belfast Comic Con

7th – 8th June 2014 – Kings Hall Complex, Belfast.


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