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Tabatha by T Publications (Comic Book Review)

On the run up to Belfast Comic-Con we thought it only right to look at the work of one of those that will feature there. In this case, it is the work of Neil Gibson from T Publications and more specifically, one from his Twisted Dark series.


We met Neil at Ireland Comic-Con and to be frank, we ended up at his stall a lot longer than we had anticipated.  Although his sense of humour was infectious,  it was his apparent love of comics that really drew me in. Like him, I am a firm believer that comics aren’t just for children and even more the most avid of non believer,  there is a comic out there for everyone.
In his own work, Neil has adopted this idea of comics for all and has broken readers into two categories. On one side there are those who like a darker, grittier story-line and on the other those that prefer a more comic approach and a happy ending. As a result of this concept Twisted Dark and Twisted Light were born and a divide between all comic fans well and truly mapped, even among the NG crew. Whilst some of us gravitated towards the light, some fell to the dark side and among them was my good self.


Personally I’ve always preferred a story with more edge and a greater sense of risk and thus the darker tones contained within the art work of Twisted Dark drew me in long before Neil had begun his pitch. I selected an issue called Tabatha and the gruesome, snarling face on the cover convinced me that I was probably onto a winner.

Tabatha seemingly tells the tale of an average, everyday, man called Luke. He is a character that many can relate to. Stuck in a job he doesn’t like. Forced to put up with people he can’t stand and also more than a little socially awkward. However, without spoiling too much, no sooner do you think you have this character sussed, your perception is completely flipped on its head when you meet, what I can only assume, are some of the other main characters of the series.


The introduction of these characters draws the reader into a premature sense of security. As the story build you begin to assume that this story will focus on the main character and possibly his role within this gang. That, however, is until you meet Tabatha and the owner of the snarling face on the front cover. Although this is only part one in the series, it well and truly has be scrabbling for the next part. Assumptions are continuously shattered, boundaries broken and, once again, without giving too much away, the ending will leave even the most steely of comic book readers slight perturbed.


In all, this comic seems to be tailored for those that, like me, like a bit of grit and suspense, however, for those with a fainter heart there’s always Twisted Light.

You can find T Publications at

MCM Belfast Comic Con

7th – 8th June 2014 – Kings Hall Complex, Belfast.


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