April 2014 Roundup (TV Series Spoilers)

That’s April over and done with now onto May. First off thank you to all our subscribers and followers, it’s been a great first year for us and we here at Nerdgeist are very appreciative of your support and hope to make our next year better than the last. This month has seen a few updates to the site, first off there is the obvious makeover, which I’m sure you all like, we also have added in our Audio Books section for any fans of the genre. A few other updates include further uploads to both Flickr and Youtube, we also have our own Deviant-Art page as well, be sure to check them out. After the long wait we also got our first Podcast up, if you have not heard it yet please check it out.

That’s the boring stuff over now onto the fun stuff;


Television – it’s been a fast paced month in the world of TV. So be prepared for a few spoilers. Arrow, we have been given a glimpse of some supporting characters in the series and Deathstroke’s upped his game against Oliver by executing his mother, in a very brutal and emotional scene, moments after she revealed that she knows Oliver’s secret.


Joss Whedon has ended the foreplay and Agents of Shield is finally underway. With Hydra causing global chaos, what few Sheild agents left are making some desperate plays to bring stability back to a world that needs them.



For all you Mischamegos out there Supernaturals latest season is moving to some dark territory with the brief return of the Trickster/Gabriel Castiel is finally stepping up to bat, but for which team?


Another show making its triumphant return is Orphan Black, its fitting to mention this show, as it was one of Nerdgeist’s first articles, season two has been quite the roller coaster and we are still not sure of who is helping who out.


In the world of cinema Marvel has given us two very different films. The visually stunning Spiderman and the universally acclaimed Captain America Winter Soldier. For all you DC Fan boys and girls there was also their latest animated treat, Son of Batman, as usual on the direct to DVD movies that DC produce are outstanding.


We have plenty more reviews and interviews coming up from MCM Ireland Comic Con and London Super Comic Con, so keep your eyes peeled for that.


To end this round up I thought I would post this video, it was part of our very first ever post and seems appropriate.


With next month we will have plenty of reviews from the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, including De La Soul, the F buttons and many more.We will also have reviews for Godzilla, Bad Neighbours and many more movies. Not just movies and music we have a few comic book reviews too and maybe a few surprise interviews. May is going to be another big month for us and we hope you are all going to join us on the ride.

From the Nerdgeist Editor David.

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