So Dave, tell me all about MCM Ireland Comic Con

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Sorry for the epic delay folks but it’s indeed time that we give our thoughts and feelings about MCM Ireland Comic Con which at long last invaded the Emerald Isle.  The results were pretty awesome.



Great variety from anime to comics to TV.  Names like Colin Ferguson (Eureka), Lyndie Greenwood (Sleepy Hollow), Alexander Vlahos and Eoin Macken (Merlin), Hannah Spearritt (Primeval), Danny John-Jules and Hattie Hayridge (Cat and Holly, Red Dwarf) and topping it off, the very talented Warwick Davis.  If I need to tell you who he is I will be very upset but come on – Star Wars, Harry Potter and The Leprechaun films!



Those were just the actors.  We also had voice actors in attendance from Attack on Titan ( Bryce Papenbrook) and Naruto (Maile Flanagan) and many great comic book artists that I will mention later.




Ok, so there are some pretty good guests but what else is there for me to do?

Maybe you don’t like panels and getting autographs but that does not mean that a convention can’t be for you.  One of the big draws was the League of Legends Tournament.  For those of you who don’t know what this game is, it’s addictive fun, free to play and brings out the worst in me.  Getting to watch it on the big screen and see the teams going head to head was fun and me, just briefly, to go back to playing League of Legends.

Maybe you want something a little more casual?  Mario Kart, Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros (again, these all bring out the worst in me).  Most tempting was the Rock Band set up and I still feel like I missed out on my chance to play some System of a Down with Joffrey cosplayer (R.I.P. I think)!

Ok, so, time for my third MAYBE!  Yes, maybe gaming and amazing guests are not for you; yes, maybe you like comic books; well, this is MCM Ireland Comic Con so guess what, brother, we got you covered.  Local legend John McCrea (works heavily with Garth Ennis), Glenn Fabry (Sandman, The Authority and Preacher) and Simon Bisley (Batman, Doom Patrol and 2000 AD to name but a few)  were in attendance!

But David I’m not really into mainstream comics ?

If you’re asking that question then, HAH,  I have you beat!

With the Comic Village within the Convention, which according to the site, has one simple aim – to bring together comic creators of all styles, mediums and levels to join together in one equal space and promote the good word of sequential art.


We picked up a few great comics, art work and interviews there from T Publications and Destiny Blue to name but a few.  Keep an eye out on our page they will be released over the next few weeks.


Comics and Anime are cool but I like to dress up in costumes and really live my character!


With the UK and Irish cosplay scenes really exploding in the last few years the quality just keeps getting better.  I remember 10 years ago (it sounds a lot but it really isn’t) people would just get store bought costumes.  Now you see these intricate, beautiful and well crafted costumes and it’s great to see this genre really take on a life of its own. MCM Ireland Comic Con was further proof of this.

princess_mononoke_by_nerdgeist-d7empyr (1)

What else do you got?

Really – you still want more?!?

Ok, I can give you more.  With Canvas Warriors, Tokyo Toys, Sub City and many other great stalls you could by some great merch, jewelry , clothes, models, action figures, Japanese candy (at a fair and affordable price) and customised shoes the sky was the limit.



With some great and very helpful staff this was a fun convention.  I really cannot stress how helpful the staff were, and as I always say, this makes a great convention. By the way, I should have mentioned earlier they had wrestling, so my inner 9 year old was very pleased.  I surprisingly drew a large crowd.

Situated in the RDS, Dublin this was a great location with plenty of near-by hotels, on site food, good facilities and only a bus ride or taxi from the city center, this was a fantastic convention and I will be looking forward to next years.

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