A tribute to Bob Hoskins (26 October 1942 – 29 April 2014)


Robert William “Bob” Hoskins, Jr. (26 October 1942 – 29 April 2014). This tireless actor, who by his own admission fell into the job has sadly passed away this week. As someone who grew up watching his work this does make me very sad, Bob was a talented actor who could play comedy as naturally as he played deep character pieces. As a child of a certain era I remember him fondly in Who Framed Rodger Rabbit and of course Hook. As I grew up I would discover him in other great roles such as Brazil, Mermaids and Enemy at the Gates. He worked steady for four decades starting out on stage and moving onto television, before he was an actor he worked as a lorry driver and even a circus fire eater, but really there are too few actors like him and of his quality, it’s fortunate for us that he ended up being discovered.

He never really understood his fame and once quoted;

‘Actors are just entertainers, even the serious ones. That’s all an actor is. He’s like a serious Bruce Forsyth.’

But I guess that’s why no one ever hated Bob, even just going by Bob instead of Robert he had an almost casual energy about him and a great sense of humor about himself, when once asked why he chose certain roles he replied –

‘I’ve played so many historical characters because most horrible dictators are short, fat, middle-aged men.’


He acted on the big screen, acted on the small screen and even directed two films, including the very underrated Rainbow. Few actors like him will ever appear, he is someone who never pursued the fame he just wanted the work, he wholeheartedly enjoyed it and his death is a great loss to the world of theater, television and cinema.

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