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Max Brooks Interview at London Super Comic Con 2014


At London Super Comic Con we had the opportunity to interview Max brooks about his new Comic book series  Extinction Parade

Can you tell us how you came up with the concept for Extinction Parade?

As i got older and i became a parent i realized my greatest strengths came from compensating for my weaknesses. I think it’s true for most of us and our species. It also got me thinking about what if their was a species who was created at the top of the food chain, they would be enviable at first but the truth is they wouldn’t be prepared to deal with any crisis.

In my country too many kids are being raised to never fail, to never learn from mistakes and to never make mistakes. It makes for an easy and fun childhood but a really difficult adulthood when trouble comes a knocking. It doesn’t matter how safe you can play it because eventually trouble will come a knocking and you better be resilient.

Can you tell us about the troubles in the books for the vampires?

Vampires have been sitting at the top of the food chain for way too long. They always looked down on humans and they realize pretty late in the game that their one food source is gonna be eaten up, if they don’t do something about it.

Do you think you can bring back Vampires to what it should be after the many recent interpretations?

Even when i was a kid Vampires were worshipped. When i looked at  Vampires, i didn’t see something sleek, sexy and cool. I’d look at them and say get a job.

More of a Nosferatu vibe then?

The Vampires i would say are more aristocratic, almost spoilt teenagers, who depend on their parents and yet hate and live off their parents.


You mentioned earlier during your panel talk about Brad Pitt making pancakes in World War Z, would you like Brad Pitt to make you pancakes?

I don’t know, if Brad makes good pancakes i would love to. You know the funny thing is (i should have mentioned this during the panel talk) after i saw the movie Brad Pitt came up to me during the after party and said ‘So did you cringe?’I respected that, he got it, he didn’t just expect me to love it. I thought that was very brave of him, he was very honest. I said ‘You know Brad, yeah i did cringe but i wrote a book of it, it’s my job. But in all honesty, if i wasn’t me i probably would’ve loved it. He was brave enough to be honest with me first so i was honest with him back.


Is there anything you want to say to the writers out there?

Yeah just go write something, you know live in a world of self publishing, there’s no more excuses to blame for it not being published. If you’ve got something cool just go out and put it out there.

Max Brook’s Extinction Parade Vol.1  [Paperback] will be out on 15th September 2014, you can preorder it here

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