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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) Film Review


Garfield and Stone are back in this sequel to the 2012 hit and not surprisingly it’s pretty much more of what you would expect from a Spider-Man movie. Not that is necessarily a bad thing. We return to the sassy web slinging hero doing what he does best saving lives and besting bad guys (including a few bullies) in his native New York.

Visually stunning and with the now expected high quality effects it is a treat for the eyes as you watch Spidey navigate New York’s skyscrapers and unlike many others works well in 3D. Extra commendation should be made for Foxx’s Electro. This was a character that would have been difficult to visualise in a live action movie and the effects crew have managed to create a character that was realistic and not completely over the top. Yes, I know how how that sounds bearing in mind Electro is essentially a being whose physical body is made up of electricity.

The soundtrack provided by Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams and Johnny Marr works well although can be a little obtrusive in the odd scene.

The strongest feature of this movie is not its action sequences but rather those quieter moments in-between, particularly those where it focuses on Peter Parker, not Spider-Man, and the lives he touches. There is a wonderful chemistry between Garfield and Stone and they make you genuinely believe they are in love with their cracking dialogue but, thankfully, without the terrible saccharine tones that previous Spidey incarnations suffered from. Further, scenes with Aunt May fussing over her beloved nephew and Parker reconnecting with Harry Osborn reinforce that there is more to superhero life than action. We also thankfully get a glimpse into what happened with Peter Parker’s parents. It is this set up that allows for a bigger impact during what can only be described as big boss battle with Electro.

Some of the plot lines do feel rushed and loose ends appear to be tied up a little too neatly but one can just about forgive these oversights.

Not as strong as Captain America: The Winter Soldier but is good enough to stand up on its own and, frankly, this particular series is already fresher than previous incarnations. The introduction of Gwen Stacey as the love interest helps keep one’s interest as most movie goers will already be familiar with the Mary Jane storyline.

Finally, stick around for the credits – there is a little X-Men teaser to whet your appetite for X-Men: Days of Future Past. It has been reported that because director, Marc Webb was already contracted to Fox a deal was made with Sony to release Webb on the premise that they provide some publicity for the upcoming X-Men movie.

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