Chrono Virus – Audio Book Review


It was supposed to be just another cargo run, but for Ken Mallory and the three-person crew of the Raven, an anomaly in deep space changes everything. An unexplained turbulence shakes the small ship like never before, allowing a deadly virus aboard. One by one the infected crew is thrown back in time to relive a near-death experience, only this time death may be closer than they remember.

If you’re new to audio books this would be a good start, its scary, atmospheric and very intense. The format alone helps add to this, if it where a movie you could turn away but being an audio-book you’re forced to listen to every moment, I say forced and that’s probably a bad choice of words, think compelled. The story compels you by sucking you into this isolated world in this wonderfully told and crafted story.

Think Cabin Fever in space with a darker science fiction twist. I’m not someone who enjoys a good scare but this audible treat really impressed me. I cant tell you too much without giving any more than I want to away. The one bit of advice I will give you is a get a good set of headphones go to bed sit back and listen. Its a short story and will only take an hour but Osian Edwards reading of Aaron Crocco’s book will have you sucked off to another world for just under an hour and a half, you wont even see the time go by. If your new to audio books this will be a good start, its not too long and it’s a real original. If your interested in hearing it purchase a copy here.

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