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Cartoons that made me feel something (Spoilers)

There really is nothing like a good old tug…. on the heart strings that is. We know this and in some cases we begrudgingly admit it. I find that in animated comedy series’ it can come in the most pure and honest forms. Maybe it’s the fact that animated series’ are so far from the reality that we live in, it just hits home harder when they decide to show some real emotion, or maybe it’s that we just don’t expect it, never the less animated shows can really make us feel the hurt. Here are a few of my personal favourites:

The Simpsons

As South Park have mentioned before – the Simpsons Did it!

This show set the industry standard for crazy but they have also had quite a few beautiful moments. Homer’s near Death with a blow fish, Mod Flanders actual Death, Lisa’s tearful goodbye with her substitute teacher, Bart gets an F, Lisa’s first word, Round Springfield, to name but a few.

My all-time top two favourites are: ‘Maggie makes three’ and ‘Mother Simpson.’

In ‘Mother Simpson’, Homer is reunited with his long lost mother, only to lose her again at the end of the episode. She would return but nothing holds up to the first time with Homer sitting alone in his car, in the desert just being deep in thought, unusual for his character but just brilliant.

In ‘And Maggie Makes three’ Homer tells the kids the story of Maggie’s conception, which was an accident, and how he and Marge adjusted to the surprise. To support his now growing family, Homer literally crawls back to his old despised job at the nuclear plant.After begging for his job back Mr. Burns hands him a plaque reading “Don’t forget, you’re here forever,” which Homer creatively edits using pictures of his beloved new daughter.


King of The Hill


This is one of the most real shows to ever be on TV and there where so many choices for me but the winner had to be – ‘Twas the nut before Christmas.’ Bill opens a Santa Claus village at his house and annoys Hank by keeping it open well after Christmas. While this is going on Bill takes in a boy, whom he sees as a “wayward waif”, as a surrogate son. This son ends up using Bill for money and alcohol, Bill however, refuses to believe this. Its Bill’s complete detachment from reality that helps push this to the top spot on my list of King of the Hill epsiodes.

Rick and Morty

It’s not as main stream as the other contenders on my list but still this would be one of the most beautiful and cheesy scenes of them all. Rick and Morty is an American animated television series created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon that premiered on December 2, 2013 on Cartoon Network’s late-night programming block, Adult Swim. Roiland voices the eponymous main characters: Rick, a scientist and alcoholic, and Morty, Rick’s grandson. This series follows the crazy scientist and his below average grandson’s journey through space and time in a series where literally anything can happen. One of the most grounded and beautiful moments happens in episode 8 ‘Rixty Mintues.’ Rick hooked up the family’s television to show programming from alternate realities. Meanwhile, after being given a visor that shows the wearer alternate versions of themselves, Beth, Jerry and Summer contemplate their past decisions, as well as their current lives.

Morty’s Parents Beth and Jerry find out if they never got pregnant at 17 then Beth would have becomes a successful award winning Doctor while Jerry would have been a Hollywood Superstar who was dating Kirsten Stewart. The episode concludes with Jerry watching a news cast of his alternate reality self having a mental break down driving on a highway, nude, to a house, which contains a lonely depressed alcoholic Beth and the two both admit that they hate the lives they have created for themselves.


It’s totally cheesy and an idea that’s been done to death but it was still lovely to watch and its not the series’ only touching moment.

Family Guy

The Death of Brian. This one angered and upset a lot of people, especially with the outcome of Brian being eventually resurrected, but come on seriously this was to be expected. The shock of the scene of Brian being run over was pretty brutal and really came out of know where. But to makes matters worse for a great length of time you got to see Stewie’s reaction to it and as a boy who has had two dogs pass away in his life time, it was a very painful and touching moment in a long running outrageous comedy show. My hats off to Seth and his team for going somewhere no one expected them to go.


This one takes the cake, it had the most emotional scenes and three episodes really stand out to me.

‘Jurassic Bark’ – We learn that in the 20th century Fry had a pet dog named Seymore. Before he was frozen Fry’s last words to his then three year old dog was to wait for him. A flash back at the end of the episode reveals that for 12 years after Fry left his dog waited for him faithfully and the final shot is of the dog lying down, at the age of 15, closing his eyes and dying.


‘The Sting’ – Leela believes that Fry sacrificed himself to save her from a gigantic Bee and slowly starts to believe that she is going insane. She is constantly seeing Fry everywhere imploring her to wake up. In the end she avoids killing herself and awakens to find herself in a hospital bed with Fry crying beside her, the bee sting went right through him and its poison affected Leela, so a touching but happy ending.


‘The luck of the Fryish’ – This one is just brilliant. It covers a lot of topics but mostly deals with the things we never say. We see that Fry and his Brother Yancy where rivals in everything and when Fry discovers a seven leaf clover that gives him incredible luck he hides it so no one can have it. Years later Fry discovers that after he disappeared his older brother stole his name and lived his dream life, going to Mars, being a rock star and even mayor of New York. Fry goes to his brothers grave to retrieve his clover, which Yancy was buried with, he then discovers that this is not Yancy’s grave, its Fry’s nephews who was named for him, letting Fry know, 1000 years late, that his brother really loved him.


Honourable mentions

South Park – Kenny’s death, yes Kenny died over and over again but there was one death that was memorable than the rest. In season five Kenny dies of a disease and seeing his friend’s reactions such as Kyle’s over dedication, Stan’s Denial and Cartman singing Asia’s Heat of the Moment, it’s a very touching and beautiful episode, granted the ending was just hilarious.


God the Devil and Bob

‘Bobs Father’, This was such an underrated show and had so much potential which defiantly was shown in this episode. Bob visits his dying father in the hospital hoping to make amends, but he ends up telling the angry, abusive old man to go to Hell. In the end Bob has a very touching piece of dialogue with God about the nature of his father and how he really felt. It was a sharp turn from what we usually got from this series and it was a sad loss when cancelled.

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  1. I am with you all the way on Jurassic Bark I love that episode.

    I’m sure in the directors commentary it is mentioned that if you play a song for a certain length of time you have to pay for it. Usually the Futurama boys only played the opening few lines of songs to avoid paying but in this episode they went over the threshold because the tune was integral to what they wanted to portray.

    I’m sure it was this episode… :/ It is definitely in Futurama though!!!!


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