Happy Holiday’s – Music edition


So its the holiday season and here in the UK the Christmas singles are being played left right and center so I decided to post some of my favorite tunes and hope you all enjoy.

This one is just a classic, its a vicious and angry but uptempo tune that i just love to sing along with, plus its all Irish.

I could have gone for the Bieber version, but lets face it that really isn’t my style.

A very recent holiday tune and its got the infectious catchy-ness of a classic Christmas tune.

This is definitely one of the most underrated Christmas songs out there and so few people have heard it, hope you all enjoy Mew, she came home for Christmas.

This is a little controversial, its a cover of the classic Wham tune but I really just prefer this version.

Going to slow it down with the Glee rendition of The First Noel, sung by Melissa Marie Benoist, this girl is such an epic talent.

Following up one Glee performance with another one and this time its their version of Feliz Navidad, not that big in the UK but still a great song.

Im a huge fan of Jon Lajoie so i really need to include his Christmas song, always makes me laugh.

Now for some pure cheese with these two choices, both Slade and Wizard are necessary for the xmas play list.

Stop the cavalry is probably one of the most upbeat tunes out there, but has some seriously weird lyrics, still gotta love it.

Once again going to slow it down with a classic by John Lennon.

Keeping it slow with a Buble cover of I’ll be home for Christmas

Back to smiles with The Muppets Christmas Carol, one of my all time fav holiday movies

Keeping the good times going with the one and only true band-aid (mentally blocks the other 2 out of his head)

Nothing like a bit of Bing and Bowie or is there ….

And to finish us off –



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