Happy holiday’s – Movie edition

Just thought i’d post my top 5 Christmas movies

5 – Christmas Vacation – National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is a 1989 Christmas comedy film directed by Jeremiah S. Chechik. It is the third installment in National Lampoon’s Vacation film series, and was written by John Hughes, based on his short story in National Lampoon magazine, “Christmas ’59”. The film stars Chevy Chase, Beverly D’Angelo and Randy Quaid, with Juliette Lewis and Johnny Galecki as the Griswold children Audrey and Rusty, respectively. This modern Classic see’s us visit the Griswold’s again and is one of the films I look forward to seeing every year.


4 – One Nite in Mongkok – (Chinese: 旺角黑夜; ) is a 2004 Hong Kong film directed by Derek Yee Tung-Shing. It’s not really a traditional Christmas film, but it’s set at Christmas Time in Hong Kong, beautifully shot, this dark tale follows a hit man and a prostitute in one story and the police in another showing that things are not always black and white, more often than not life is in a moral gray area.


3 – Jingle all the way – This 1996 family film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad, with Phil HartmanRita WilsonJake LloydJames Belushi and Robert Conrad. The plot focuses on two rival fathers, workaholic Howard Langston (Schwarzenegger) and postal worker Myron Larabee (Sinbad), both desperately trying to retrieve a Turbo-Man action figure for their respective sons on a last minute shopping spree on Christmas Eve. Kids love it because its awesome and parents love it because you got to see Hollywood Hard man Schwarzenegger take on the Xmas Eve shopping rush, something they where all used too.


2 – Its a wonderful Life – based on the short story “The Greatest Gift“. The film stars James Stewart as George Bailey, a man who has given up his dreams in order to help others and whose imminent suicide on Christmas eve brings about the intervention of his guardian angelClarence Odbody. Clarence shows George all the lives he has touched and how different life in his community of Bedford Falls would be had he never been born. This is one of the most parodied films in history but that’s what has made the 1946 movie such a classic that never fails to make me smile.


1 . Die Hard –  The original every man action film, Lets face it Bruce Willis shouldn’t have walked away from the events of this movie, but my god what a movie. On Christmas Eve, New York City Police officer John McClane arrives in L.A to see with his estranged wife and kids. He is driven to the Nakatomi Plaza building for his wifes company Christmas party . While McClane changes clothes, the party is disrupted by the arrival of Hans Gruber and his heavily armed group: . The group seize the tower and secure those inside as hostages except for McClane who manages to slip away, armed only with a service pistol. This film is so tense at times and stays pretty believable, its just an amazing watch.


Going to do two more special mentions for Elf and Muppet’s Christmas Carol

Hope you have all enjoyed my top 5, once again any suggestions please leave them below.

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