Dave’s top 5 music videos of 2013

2013 is at its finish and looking back there has been so many great music videos and some awful ones, here is my personal top five for the year (in no particular order).


Kicking off my top 5 music videos for 13 is Anamanaguchi‘s Endless fantasy. This a great piece of work by the chiptuners from New York.This is a fairly unique video which see’s it star launch a slice of pizza into space, this was not fake, so if you wanna see how its done click here. The song is uber upbeat and great to dance too, its a little different so the video really compliments it.

A message to everyone out there looking at Washington Referendum 74,  a beautifully written tribute to Macklemore‘s Uncles, they even posed for the cover art for the single. The video follows the lives of two same sex lovers, some of the issues that they face, but shouldn’t, god knows romance is difficult enough without society deeming it inappropriate, this one is just truly beautiful.


One word to describe this video is LOVELY. The video for everything has changed is severally underrated but its adorable. This is the story of two young kids who just happen to look like Ed Shernan and Taylor Swift and follows them through a day of school, the song is so innocent, dealing with the new beginings of a releashonship and just wanting to know someone better, its further highlighted by the two very well cast children in the video. So two children adorable and if the scene in the gym does not melt your heart then you have no heart.


Staring Irish actors Liam Cunningham and Niamh Large this January release by Kodaline was the perfect beginning for 2013. Niamh plays a runaway bride who escapes her violent lover and meets up with a suicidal Liam I support Stannis Baratheon Cunningham, its a wonderfully told story and grips you with extreme ease.


My fifth choice for top 5 is a little different, I picked Chris Hadfields cover of space oddity. On 12 May 2013, after handing over command of the ISS, but before returning home, Hadfield released a music video recorded on the ISS of a modified rendition of “Space Oddity” by David Bowie. The video was an instant Youtube success and its just awesome to watch.


I know its not my usual style but I will say this, I am not a fan of wrecking ball. The song is actually a pretty moving ballad but in the end the video attempts to show a stripped down Miley baring herself as she destroys something she once loved, but what we got is a naked women on a wrecking ball licking a hammer, in the end the video parodied the song and I think took away a lot of its credibility, but hey people love it and this is just my opinion.

Honorable mention needs to go to Kanye West for Bound 2. Its a video that had confused me a little, the song is love song but one that’s been flipped about a few times and after hearing it I went back and listened to his entire albumn and I have to say this song was the perfect way to end it, the song is pretty raw and the video though at first also confused me is a very raw display of affection between Kanye and Kim (Plus it has some excellent samples in it). Basically any video that has a couple having sex on a motor bike needs a mention.

Though topping that James Franco and Seth Rogan have made an excellent tribute video.

2013’s had some great vid’s if there is anything I have missed please tell me and I will have a look.

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