An Interview with Sean Astin Part 2

Sean Astin launched his Vox Populi Kickstarter project In September, which has now successfully reached its pledge goal and all its stretch goals. As promised here is part 2 of the interview.
How do you prepare for your talk radio show? What’s the process before you open the microphone?
Ha! So far the process has been like riding the Tasmanian devil into a tornado… a flurry of reading and watching and calling and tweeting and writing and praying and fretting and on and on… Every time the opening music starts I get this sinking feeling that I’ve ruined everything. And then, I just let it go… I love interviewing experts and I love taking calls from listeners… My responsibility is to be as prepared as possible and try and bring the most helpful guests to the show!
How would you recommend people judge a show’s value to determine whether the time they invest as a guest is well spent?
I love this question. I think that people should enjoy themselves. So many of the political platforms available to the public create an uneasiness in the listener. Fear and uncertainty are tremendous motivators, but aren’t likely the most useful tools to growing a community of thoughtful, respectful and more informed citizens. I think that when people first start listening to my show, they are waiting for the other shoe to drop.  At the very least, people like to see how I navigate hostile and angry folks into more easy modes of communication. That being said, I think that people should reflect on what they’ve watched or listened to. In the case of Vox Populi, I like that people often say that they found the show refreshing, and informative. I also think that when people make an effort to call in, they feel triumphant. It is exhilarating to share your views in a friendly and nurturing space.
Do you have any advice for those who want to host their own talk radio show?
I don’t quite think I’m ready to give advice to future radio show hosts, but I will say this, the only thing that makes it work for me is staying true to myself.

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