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An Interview with Amy Crabtree, founder of Cakes with Faces

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You where one of the exhibitors at MCM Expo London October 2013, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a graphic artist and I love drawing cute, colourful characters – lots of them are food with faces! My favourite things to draw are cakes with faces! I sell t-shirts, accessories and prints of my artwork at cons and from my online shop

Can you tell us about your experience of running a stall full of t-shirts featuring your artwork?

It’s a lot of work (lots of ironing, folding and moving boxes around!) and completely exhausting, but lots of fun, and it’s so great to see people’s reactions to my artwork. I love it when my designs make people smile (like my “I’ll give you pain au chocolat” croissant), or to hear people going “aahh that’s so cute!”. My first stall was in October 2011, so this was the stall’s 2nd birthday! I’ve learnt a lot along the way, and try and have something new or make the stall a bit better each time.

What’s been your most popular purchase?

This time the most popular t-shirt was Cakezilla, one of my 3 new designs for the Expo. I really wanted to do a design with a dinosaur on it (because they’re awesome!) and being Cakes with Faces, it seemed only right that it should be a cake-zilla! My husband came up with the fantastic line “Just when you thought it was safe to come out of the oven…”.


What’s been the best or craziest cosplay that’s visited your stall?

There are so many good cosplays, it’s hard to pick! This time I enjoyed seeing all the Survey Corps and some titans as well, as I’ve loved watching Attack on Titan recently. Some of them had made their 3D manoeuvre gear really well (if only it worked at Expo, that’d be a great way to speed through the crowds to your favourite stalls!).

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Have you got a favourite exhibitor that also attended the expo?

I love the Japanese food stalls – Peko Peko do a great pumpkin korroke! I also love all the kawaii stuff from Tofu Cute – their stall looked amazing, with the pink carpet! – and Artbox (their stickers are fantastic!). And stalls with anime figures like Neon Martian – when you’re there all weekend it’s hard to stop yourself spending all the profits…

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What’s your favourite part of the expo?

I like the Japanex section best. I’m a big fan of Japanese culture – food, fashion, anime, jpop, design and kawaii. Next time in May I’ll be on that side of the hall so I’m looking forward to having a good look round, and hopefully catching some of what’s on the Japanex stage.

What other products do you plan to make and sell in the future?
Lots of people have been asking for kids’ tees so I’m looking at getting some more childrens sizes – I think they’ll be really cute! Maybe hoodies, for the winter, and I’m working on some cushions. There are so many things I want to make – especially bringing my characters to life as figures, but that’s still in the dreaming category for now!

Will you be attending the MCM Expo in Belfast & Dublin?
I won’t be at Belfast or Dublin, but I will be at MCM Birmingham, which is a local show for me in the midlands, and also Manchester next summer. If they’re not local to you, you can order everything online on (or if you can’t wait for the next expo!).

Twitter: @cakeswithfaces

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