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My thoughts on Thor: The Dark World


I was speaking with a few people recently and we were discussing what our favourite marvel franchise films where, to me it had to be Thor. I know this is kind of a surprise but unlike the rest of the heroes he is not rooted in science or reality, this makes him completely different, he is not of our world, so when you see the film its one you can just switch off and enjoy. The first film was flawless and great to watch, Thor was never going to be an easy hero to bring to the big screen but it somehow worked.

Recently we saw its sequel, the beginning was very reminiscent of the first films start with a generic evil civilization deciding to be well a bunch of dicks and go around wiping out innocent people, this I would later find out was very intentional, on the plus side it looked pretty dam cool.


Sadly the film takes a while to find its footing. I found that early visits to Asgard reminded me of Naboo from Star Wars  Episode 1, this is not a good thing, it was a little off putting. As villains go the Dark Elves at first seemed like great choices, they were old, pure evil and menacing, just one slight problem they really didn’t have much presence.

So that’s my little rant, I mentioned earlier that the film took a while to find its footing, eventually it did granted it had a weird heist movie moment, but once the film was underway it improved astronomically, with great special effects and some very well placed humour, that and the destruction of part of London it was a very entertaining film, that maybe lacked the gravity of its predecessor(for anyone seeing the film that was a little play on words).What this film has done is laid the foundation for something bigger. People often miss that major fact, the Marvel films can be viewed as standalone, or part of a series, but these are also part of a franchise there is a lot going on in these films and that is what makes them great.

Now I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Loki, the man of the hour, the man who stole the show. A superhero is just a  hero until he has his villain and Loki is one of the greatest villains in fiction, he is so complex, so blinded by his own denial, so tormented, he is someone who has one so far that due to his own fear he is afraid to go back, he can’t go back, he sees what he has become and at rock bottom he keeps going Tom Hiddleston brings such gravity and torment to this role you can’t help but love the character, the anger at himself and others, his dry wit, his sense of humour, it would be nothing without Tom Hiddleston.

To sum it up, this was not as good as the original, but what sequels are, it was a great watch, looked amazing and has set us up for Guardians of the Galaxy, this is a great popcorn film and there is nothing wrong with that.


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