Graveyard chronicles from a cosplayer kitten! Part 5

review number 5

or, how to survive bullies…

yes, I hace spoken before about how we should not keep silent with our criticism just because we are afraid of being called bullies, but that is not the case I want to write about today.

I am admitting something that it has taken me years to do, I am being bullied. It’s horrible!
They keep making fun of me and my cosplays, saying they’re done wrong, that they’re slutty, o simply they just go and tell me I’m so fat, I cannot be a cosplayer because there are not many anime characthers that are fat.

Let’s keep something in mind, I am not fat, I am chubby and curvy, and I’m on a diet and loosing weight every day. I eat healthy and not so healthy, because sometimes I just need a chocolate, so, to the girls out there, realy, even if you are on a diet, a chocolate every now and then wont kill your figure. TRUST ME!

To be honest, I dislike bullies too much. No one should say such nasty stuff to anyone.

So, my advice to survive this hell is to never give up. They will always talk bad things about you, and try undermine you. DO NOT give them that power.

Cosplay is a hobby, and we do it for fun. We, as cosplayers, have the best job ever! To bring our favorite characthers to life, and mantain a modicum of hope in the world, to let our imaginations flow freely, and just with that, we are creating magic. DON’T EVER FORGET THE POWER YOU HOLD!

Thank you, and good night.


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